Body Jam: Two often-neglected body tips to become a better cycler or runner

You may not notice it, but despite your overall intense training for your body, almost all parts of your body still need different workout regimen for them to be in perfect shape and coordination. While it is undeniable that your body parts coordinate with each other for the betterment of your entirety, dealing with their individual problems will make you last longer not just on the road but in life, as well. To become a more effective runner or cycler, here are some tips on how to deal with the oft-neglected parts of the body:

You cannot make your brain lift weights or do some curl ups. But without a solid mental disposition, your body will be pretty much useless no matter how buffed you are. There are two ways to have a strong mental framework: by doing active and passive mind workouts. Active mental exercise requires challenging your thinking to the point of straining it. Engaging in board and card games, open debates, and creative pursuits will push the limits of your mind. Meanwhile, passive exercise works by reflection, Bikram yoga, or even meditation. By clearing your head with unnecessary things, you can increase your focus and it will come handy once you hit the road.

Feeling uneasy during a jog or a ride after eating a big breakfast? Well, you can blame yourself for eating too much, but the culprit here is really the most inconspicuous one: water. That’s right, the one that hydrates you most is also the one that’s more likely slow you down. By drinking too much water before you even start sweating it out, you are more likely to feel bloated, gassy, and other uneasy feelings while running or biking. Cut down the water, and sports drinks too like Gatorade, before you run and make sure you only drink when you feel like you have to.

While you might have to take care of these body parts individually, it is still of utmost importance to deal with your constitution as a whole. By doing both mental and physical routines together, you can increase your synergy and promote holistic development. Aside from overall exercise, it wouldn’t hurt too to get life insurance from here just in case unfortunate events occur while you’re out on the road. After all, life is a race, and you’ll never know when you’ll hit the finish line.

-This is a Guest Post by Eva Robinson