Week of 8/10/15: Workouts, Sat Hill Repeats, Sunday TCRS

Hi Folks,

Updated 8/14/15. Yes, there is a TCRS on Sunday; but it can work into your training to do the Sat Repeats / Cross Training, tire pulls, loaded carries as a solid workout prior to the TCRS.(remember you’re training through events during the summer to get ready for the Fall)…

Housekeeping:  Reminder! To take part with our Club workouts, e.g. TuTh Track sessions you need to be a member of Tamalpa Runners so we have our runners covered by insurance – and you benefit from the workouts provided and the incredible company of the groups.

8/11/15 TUESDAY 9 am HILL REPEATS. Meet at Log Cabin, Tenn Valley Rd. ( I cannot make it due to working/subbing at SA Arch Rival Tuesday and Wednesday 10-7; put workout on a card). After the warm-up out/back; to Highlands Ave; 2 x short uphill backwards; 2x short sprint to yellow sign; 1 x to manhole; 1 x to top; 2 x to manhole; 2 x to yellow sign; 2 x to left up to mailboxes; 1 x to yellow sign. Jog over to County View Rd: 2 x 2 to top of median; 2 x to “35 mph” sign…then back to the parking lot.

8/12/15 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM workout with Kees.

8/13/15 THURSDAY 7 am TRACK at COM. Some longer interval distances, but with surging into finishing pace; will self-correct you to run realistic 5K pace!

After 2M warm-up, 4 x 50 (50), 2 x 100 (100) stride-outs:

A/B gps:  1 x 200 (200), 1 x 400 (‘/ 2 1/2’); then 4 x 800 @ realistic 5K GP,  then without a break go right into a solid surge/pickup/”catch the bus” 200 (200 easy recovery jog). Repeats 4 times; then a 1 x 1000 cruise @ 5K race pace.

C gp:  After 4 x 50 (50) do 2 rounds of:  1 x 600 (200), 1x 300 (100), 2 x 200 (200), 2 x 150 (50)

8/15/15 SATURDAY 8 am ED’s TRACK WORKOUT at Novato HS.

8/15/15 SATURDAY 7:30 am HILL REPEATS again at Golden Gate Baptist Seminary entry road (off Seminary, go right at 7-11 onto Ricardo, then first right on Seminary Dr, go about 3/4M and just past soccer field); this time after parking along the Seminary Drive road, running out/back for your warm-up, jog up to 2nd level parking lot on the left off the entry road: we’ll start from there. (Moved site slightly to avoid disturbing the apartment complex people next to the main road).

We’ll also be able to add our “Finisher Workouts”: Loaded Carries and Tire Pulls that course will be laid out for after the HR. So far:  Kevin, Shirley, Kathleen, Andy and Paula along with their son, 7year-old Hunter-your pacer for the HR; Brian, Kathy B, Dave C, possibly Gerald,…and others. A different exercise routine is planned and we’ll have two different “Half” sprint hills: “Half-A” and “Half – B”.

8/16/15 SUNDAY 9 am TAMALPA TCRS 4M at Hamilton Marsh at HAFB, Novato. S/F is behind 5 Hamilton Landing. Flat run along the new Hamilton Marsh Trail; gives you a flat 4M tempo run.

Week of 8/3/15: Workouts, Sat Hill Repeats at new site,

Hi Folks,

updated on 8/7/15.5:30 pm..We’ve discussed that summer season is a perfect time to get in steady mileage to prepare you for the Fall races – and there are many of them! Some ingredients to prepare you later for the quality portion of your schedule, you’ll want to: take your longer run on dirt terrain (for most days if possible; fewer injuries), a day for hill repeats ranging from 15 – 45 seconds with the emphasis on power drive-leg strength, yes,speed; a track day for maintaining turn-over, accurate pacing, efficiency and running economy, and a steady mileage day with tempo pickups of 1-2 miles at 10K race pace.

Camille Leblanc Bazinet, who comes from a background of gymnastics for over 10 years, won the 2015 Crossfit Games in Carson, CA. The 5’2″, 130 lb, 26 year old competitor  certainly had to call on all her strengths and endurance to win it; here are a few:  5K run=22′, Squat 310#, Deadlift 330#, Clean & Jerk  230#, Snatch 190#….

8/4/15 TUESDAY ….no TEMPO this week due to covering co-worker at SA Arch Rival by 10 am…plan is for 3 x 1 mile with .5M easy run between each mile.

8/5/15 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM Workout with Kees….change in circuit. The goal is to build basic strength, balance out the weaknesses and imbalances to avoid injury, and learn the basics of kettlebell, dumbbell, barbell training for improving running and triathlon participation.

8/6/15 THURSDAY 7 am TRACK at COM. Emphasis on shorter intervals. Doing the varying interval rest times on the 400’s again. The goal: learn to gauge effort with the constant change in rest time. You’ll need to pay close attention to the display clock for when you start each 400, or use the Chronomix mode with your digital wristwatch timer. You can then recall the entire workout later. After the warm-up 2M, 4 x 50 (50), 2 x 100 (100), 1 x200 (200);

A/B gps: 400 (1′ rest exactly), 400 (45″), 400 (30″), 400 (15″), 400 (30″), 400 (45″), 400 (1′), 400 – done.

C gp:  400 (1:30), 400 (1′), 400 (45″), 400 (45″), 400 (1′), 400 – done

8/8/15 SATURDAY 8 am ED’s TRACK SESSION at Novato HS. Live in the Novato area or need a weekend track workout? This group session should meet the need for a productive and enjoyable session.

8/8/15 SATURDAY…7:30 am START (warm up earlier).. It is a go to try this site! HILL REPEATS / Cross Training session..May try a new location: uphill  entry road to Golden Gate Seminary. (take Seminary Drive exit, around to east side, right at 7-11 (Ricardo) ; then bear right (Seminary drive) to Seminary school area; will be on left side past the soccer field; look for my white van GGS entry road…Let’s see how this road works out; received feedback that this site should be okay. We’ll see.($5 per session, unless already on monthly program)  We may do the repeats with fewer exercises/weights the first time to test the site- but a solid workout. (so far: Michelle W, Marlene, Alyce, Brian, Kathleen, Kevin, Judi, Gerald, AJ, and more)