Week of 11/29/15: Workouts, Sat Hill Repeats, Christmas Relays.

  Hi Folks,

Saturday Hill Repeats at the Seminary College

updated 12/2/15..

Hope Thanksgiving break was good for all of you! Now we start pointing towards two good events the 2015 USATF NATL CLUB XC Championships (12-12-15) in GG Park and the  Christmas Relays (12-19-15) at Lake Merced. (see Below). This weekend a good number of workout groups and Tamalpa members will be running the North Face Challenge Half and other distances.

We will have our traditional New Year’s Day RRGrade Run that features an open house at the Gravity Car Museum at the top of Tam where the volunteers offer coffee and goodies. They’ll have the history of the RRGrade on display along with memorabilia on display. They are supported with small donations. (Some day I want to have the RRGrade as an official race for a small field (200)

FLO TRACK BEER MILE held recently in Austin, Texas set new WR for men and women. Lewis Kent of Canada ran 4:47 and Erin O’Mara ran a 6:08. This event is growing in popularity – worldwide and features runners downing a beer before each lap. I can only imagine what the fluid and carbonation does to one’s insides. If you lose your cookies, it costs you an extra lap!

12/1/15 TUESDAY 8:45 am start for TEMPO on MV Bike Path. Meet at “log cabin” Tenn Valley Rd. We’ll do warm-up to north end of the bike path and then do our workout.  1M Tempo (T)/ .5M easy; 1.5MT/ .5 easy;  .5MT- finish.

12/3/15 WEDNESDAY  8:15 am MADISON AV GYM workout at Warren’s with Kees. It will be cool at the start, but you’ll warm up in no time…

12/14/15 THURSDAY 7 & 8:30 am TRACK at COM. We’re expecting rain this am, I’ve planned our 5K Predictor workout that will keep things moving and have you on your way in short order.

A/B groups  3 x 1600 (with 1:00 exact rest time between each 1600), Average your 1600 times and multiply by 3.125 and it will be within 15″ of your 5K effort.  This not only gives you your likely 5K time but teaches you to spread your effort equally over the 3 – 1600’s, with a bit extra push on the last one running even to negative split over the last 600. Always a good fitness test workout.

C gp:  4 x 50 (50), then:    3 x 1000 (200). Good tune-up for the Natl Club XC Championships the following week.

12/5/15 SATURDAY 7:30 am HILL REPEATS/Cross Training at Theological Seminary College off Seminary Drive…Park along Seminary Dr, do your warm-up run along the Bay out/back; then up  entry road to second level lot where I’ll have the weights set up. Be ready . Count on 20 hill repeat reps of various distances interspersed with 4 exercise stations. ( if you’re new to this workout you can keep it to 12 or 16 hill repeats: something for everyone. There is also a workout for the “injured reserve” , i.e., those are not running, but who want a light kettle bell workout along with loaded carries. so far: Lisa L, Kevin P, Miles W, Carrie B, Lee M, (and Grayson), Judi S, Shirley D., Mikah,

  1. Single DB Arm Swings or KB Swings x 15:

Sprint –  Short — Long –   Sprint –  Short

2)  DB Burpee & Press x 8:

Short  –   1/2 “A”   –  2 x Sprint  –   Short

3)  OHead Plate Bent Leg Situps & Reach x 15:

2 x Sprint  –   2 x Short —  1/2 “B”

4)  Med Ball or Dbl Handled Ball Jacks x 15:

2 x  Short  –   1/2 “A”   —   2  x Sprint

12/5/15 SATURDAY 8 am ED’s TRACK WORKOUT at Novato HS.

12/12/19 SATURDAY 9 am – 1 pm in heats. 2015 USATF NATL CLUB XC CHAMPIONSIPS in GG Park. 9 am- Masters Women 6K; 9:45 am – Men 60+ 8K; 10:45 am MMen 40+ 10K; 11:45 am – Open Women 6K, 12:30 Open Men 10K “A”,

12/19/15 SUNDAY 9 am CHRISTMAS RELAYS 4.46M , 4 person teams; each person runs one lap around Lake Merced. Put this one on the Calendar! Great for for group/ team event. Let’s get our workout group members on teams along with other Tamalpa members in your age bracket. Tamalpa will have some 20 teams entering, so join in and contact your age division captain. Let them know in advance so teams can be assembled and so that the Club can cover the entry fee.  There are only a few Relay races during the year; join in with others in the club and enjoy running with your teammates.



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