Week of 12/28/15: Workouts, Kees comes in Tuesday, RRGrade on New Year’s day


Full moon during Christmas in Columbia Falls , Montana

Hi Folks,

updated 12/31/15: Today was my last day of work!Woo Hoo! …We have quite a few for RRGrade Run. Can use any driver help….

Update on ARCH RIVAL, San Anselmo: We had to close that small branch because the lease ran out -and the owner of the space needed it expand his dental business. Arch Rival will keep the Strawberry and Corte Madera locations.

Just a quick posting as I’m between flights (5 hour wait) and I’ll be getting in early, early Tuesday morning, so I won’t make the 9 am Tuesday workout; it’s listed below. I will be working at CM Arch Rival Tuesday – Friday ( my last week). Track sessions will be on for both morning groups.


New Year’s Day RRGrade Run!

12/29/15 TUESDAY 9 am (take off time) TEMPO  group. Meet at “log cabin” Tenn Valley Rd. The usual warm-up run to the north end of the MV bike path. Then it’s 3 x 1 mile with a .5M recovery fast jog in between each mile. Each mile to be run at Threshold Pace for 10K, i.e. “comfortably stressed ” effort; Maintain a very steady  but controlled pace – not racing! (Get someone fast for Chris Mika; Michelle won’t be there!   George you’re up).

12/30/15 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM workout at Warren’s with Kees.

12/31/15 THURSDAY 7 am and 8:30 am (starts 7:25 & 8:30 am so do warm-up earlier).TRACK Groups. After warm-up run; the usual 4 x 50 (50), 2 x 100 (100) stride-outs); then additional 2 x 150 (50), 2 x 200 (200) stride-outs emphasizing cadence over speed. Then:

A/B gps:  2 Rounds of :   1000 (200) @ 5M pace, 600 (300) @ 5K GP, 300 (rest 1′ or so) @ mile pace

C gp: 2 Rounds of:   400 (3′), 200 (200), 4 x 50 (50).

1-1-16 FRIDAY  9 am Our traditional NEW YEAR’s RR GRADE RUN 8M. From downtown MV across from City Hall/Fire Station on Corte Madera Ave. Need head count for those who need ride down from the top of Tam. Let me know if you need that ride; I hope to have 2-3 drivers (Sandy will drive a vehicle). .Weather looks good, but pack small bag of change of clothes, jacket or sweats: you never what it’s like on top……Note that there will be many hikers making their way up Tam to join in on the open house at the Gravity Car Museum. They’ll snacks and refreshments; show old film of the RRGrade cars, have memorabilia on sale. They usually ask for a donation so take some change along.

Those needing a ride:   Jill N, Kevin P, Gerald A, Judi S., Linda L, Denise M, Jeanie S, Pam J,, Lisa L, Carrie B, Lee, M, Florencia G-Amyx, Vicki D,   Sammy,  ( note some are starting at 8:30 am (Denise, Kevin, Jill)….

1-2-15 SATURDAY 8 am ED’s TRACK WORKOUT 8 am Novato HS.  If you missed your New Year’s workout; here’s chance for a make up quality session!

Week of 12/21/15: Workouts during week of Christmas, setting up NY RRGrade Run

Hi Folks,

updated 12/21/15: Wednesday Madison Av Gym Workout is on for this week! Warren will lead it while I’m away. You will get in some different exercises: jump rope, a workout of Swings and other stuff – then learn more details on KB Cleans and Swing Cleans! This is time to ask questions. Will end with Deadlifts. 2) Getting head count for rides needed on New Year’s traditional RRGrade Run.(see below)

Glad to see you all had good weather on Saturday for the Christmas Relays!

12/22/15 TUESDAY 9 am HILL REPEATS . Meet at “log cabin”. Do usual warm-up out/back. Then at first hill: x 2 bottom to yellow sign; x2 grate from bottom; x1 sign to top; x 2 sign to grate fast;  x1 bottom to left hill first mailbox #400; bottom to left, to 2nd set of mailboxes…..run over to CountyView steep hill: 2 x “median”hill;  x 1 long run up hill to first right turn road; easy jog down to mailboxes beyond median; then up to “Stop ” sign…down to bottom: x 2 to “35mph”.at a blistering pace with drive. ..that’s it!

12/23/15 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am…MADISON AV GYM workout : (tentative, checking with Warren if he’ll lead it)…

12/24/15 THURSDAY 7 & 8:30 am TRACK at COM. Usual warm-up run. Then at the track: 4 x 50 (50), 2 x 100 (100):

A/B gps:  2 x 200 (200),  2 x 400 (2’/ 2 1/2′);  6 x 600 (200) @ 5K pace or a bit faster, but be sure that you can do 600 ‘s at 5K GP first! Learn to lock in the pace within 2 seconds for the 600’s.

C gp:  4 x 50(50), 2 x 100 (100);  4 x 150(50);  2 x 200 (200), 2 x 400 (3′).

12/26/15. SATURDAY 8 am ED’S TRACK WORKOUT at Novato HS. Time to work off the Christmas goodies


1/1/16  FRIDAY, 9 am . New Year’s RRG Grade RUN 8M. Our NYear’s tradition that ties in with the Open House at the Gravity Car Museum at the top of Tam. Quite the gathering at the top because many hikers make the trek up from Bootjack, Pantoll and other locations, so you’ll see them on the Grade as you run up. They will have refreshments and goodies at the Museum; memorabilia, history and movies of the old “Crookedest Railroad” in the world. They ask for small donation (non-profit outfit): a good program. …..need HEAD COUNT for those requiring ride down the hill ($5). LET ME KNOW we will have several cars to help – hopefully.

so far: Judi S, Kevin P, Gerald A, Lisa L, Michelle W, Mika?, Kathy B?, Pam J?



Week of 12/14/15: Workouts, changes, Christmas Relays this Saturday.

Hi Folks,

brief posting for now; update later. Changes with the Holiday season…This Saturday are the Christmas Relays: this one to join in on with teams of 4, each doing a lap around Lake Merced (4.5M)..contact your team captain to be placed on your age group team. These are a blast and Tamalpa will have bagels and coffee for the 15-20 teams that participate fro the club.  I won’t have Hill Repeats due to most of the groups joining in on the Relays.

12/15/15 TUESDAY  9 am TEMPO on MV Bike Path; meet at “log cabin”, Tenn Valley Rd. We’ll do warm up to north end of bike path, then start the workout.

12/16/15 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am  MADISON AV GYM workout at Warren’s with Kees.

12/17/15 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:30 am starts at COM Track. (could be rainy). Those running the Relays will do one round of the Track session because the Relays are on Saturday. The idea is to keep the volume low, but with quality: come away feeling sharp, not fatigued at all. Save it for the Relays.

A/B gps:  2 x 200 (200),  then 2 Rounds (go completely through 1 set of each pairing):   1000 (200), then 200 at mile pace (200);  600 (200), 200 (200); 400 (2′ / 2 1/2′)…repeat for 2nd time.

C gp: 4 x 50 (50) : 2 Rounds:  400 (100), 300 (walk 50, 2 x150 (50), 2 x 100 (100)