Week of 12/14/15: Workouts, changes, Christmas Relays this Saturday.

Hi Folks,

brief posting for now; update later. Changes with the Holiday season…This Saturday are the Christmas Relays: this one to join in on with teams of 4, each doing a lap around Lake Merced (4.5M)..contact your team captain to be placed on your age group team. These are a blast and Tamalpa will have bagels and coffee for the 15-20 teams that participate fro the club.  I won’t have Hill Repeats due to most of the groups joining in on the Relays.

12/15/15 TUESDAY  9 am TEMPO on MV Bike Path; meet at “log cabin”, Tenn Valley Rd. We’ll do warm up to north end of bike path, then start the workout.

12/16/15 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am  MADISON AV GYM workout at Warren’s with Kees.

12/17/15 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:30 am starts at COM Track. (could be rainy). Those running the Relays will do one round of the Track session because the Relays are on Saturday. The idea is to keep the volume low, but with quality: come away feeling sharp, not fatigued at all. Save it for the Relays.

A/B gps:  2 x 200 (200),  then 2 Rounds (go completely through 1 set of each pairing):   1000 (200), then 200 at mile pace (200);  600 (200), 200 (200); 400 (2′ / 2 1/2′)…repeat for 2nd time.

C gp: 4 x 50 (50) : 2 Rounds:  400 (100), 300 (walk 50, 2 x150 (50), 2 x 100 (100)


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