Week of 2/15/16: Workouts this week, RRGrade on Sunday

Hi all,

updated 2/20/16: RRGrade update, many will start at 7:30 am instead of 8 am.

Updated 2/18/16:  I have put some of the articles I wrote and that were published in the Tamalpa Gazette online on my blog under “Reference” section. So when you need to review, for example, the all about “Tempo”, just click on the article!

updated 2/17/16: Thoughts on The US Olympic Marathon Trials. (see below)

updated 2/16/16 in am: RRGrade info. Take advantage of today’s weather, but should be okay for weekend. Main goal is to get in a very consistent February without overdoing any one day.

updated 2/15/16 (5:30 pm):  Tuesday 9 am group cancelled due to most of the group out on Winter Break and out of town. Those who are in town get in a nice trail run with 6 hill repeats along the way…

2) Looking to have you do RRGrade on Sunday.  Training Tip: Uphill push gives you practice for lowering your Dipsea time and fitness. For some it’s get it in, for others a time trial after the warm-up phase to Fern Canyon; then work it at a high aerobic level. The goal is to help you prepare for the long push of Dynamite and Hogs Back. If you’re low on mileage do a short one on Saturday first thing in am of 3-5 miles so you get in 13 for the weekend depending where you are with you base. The uphill Tempo builds fitness and raises your anaerobic threshold – huge for racing.

The US OLYMPIC MARATHON TRIALS for men and women was held in conjunction last Saturday in LA on a 6M loop course.Galen Rupp (Silver medalist for the 10K in London making his debut in the marathon) and Amy Cragg (who finished in that disappointing 4th place in the last Trials) were the winners. Temperatures climbed from the 60’s to 75 during the race, a factor that helps determine who can run the heat in Rio this summer.  Some of Galen Rupp’s splits: 3M: 15:14, 10M: 50:38, Half: 66:31, 15M: 1:16:14, 20M: 1:40:40, 26M: 2:10:02, Finish: 2:11:12….last 10K: 29:22..His coach, Salazar, had him run 20 mile workouts at 4:50 pace- at a remarkable low heart rate of 150 bpm.  ….Amy Gragg’s splits:  3M: 17:25, 5M: 28:50, 10M: 57:33, Half: 1:14:29, 15M: 1:24:52, 20M: 1:52:33, Finish: 2:28:20….last 10K: 35:47. She held back for couple of miles after mile 20 to help pull/encourage Shalane Flannagan along so that she made the team by earning the third slot ( still in a remarkable 2:29) after Desiree Linden. Shalane had only about 10 weeks of training because of an injury. Watch how she comes back now that there is March to until Rio to get in some solid training. A gutsy performance by Shalane! Desiree made her second Olympic team – giving her a chance to complete the marathon this time. She had to drop out due to an injury at the London Games. 

Second place for the men making his 4th Olympic Marathon team was Meb Keflezighi and for the third and final slot Jared Ward. 

Results for Kaiser half Marathon last Sunday: some of our gang ran it on a good weather day. Azera Teklay and our own local Yiou Wang won the overall men and women divisions in 68:07 and 1:16:08 respectively. Just when you think you’re doing well the ageless and talented Hans Schmid ran the before but still won the 75+ with a 1:48:32! Beth Friedman 272 overall/2nd in 45-49 div; Carrie Basham 1205/69th in 1:52:55; Marlene Capra 1:49:17 for 4th in division 55-59; Dave Champagne, 1959/51st in 2:05:09; Kevin Porter 1959/30th in 60+ in 2:05:30. 

2/16/16 TUESDAY 8:45 am HILL REPEATS from “log cabin” Tenn Valley Rd…CANCELLED for this week due to Ski Week.

2/17/16 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM CIRCUIT with Kees at Warren’s.

2/18/16 THURSDAY 7 & 8:45 am TRACK at COM track. Longer interval emphasis at close to 5K pace effort: you’ll need it for Dipsea push and any road racing. After warm-up 1.5M, 4 x 50 (50), 2 x 100 (100)

A/B: 2 x 200 stride-outs (200), 2 x 400 (2′ / 2 1/2′), 2 x 800 (4:30 / 5:00), 2 x 1000 (200)

C gp: 4 x 50 (50), 4 x 20 meters, 1 x 200 (200), 2 x 20 meters, 1 x 400 (3′), 2 x 20 meters, 2 x 100 (100)..

2/20/16 SATURDAY 8 am ED’s TRACK WORKOUT at Novato HS.

2/21/16 SUNDAY 8 am RRGRADE 8M. We’ll meet at usual spot on Corte Madera Av, by fire station and City Hall near downtown square. I’ll drive up to top, Sandy also for those who need ride down ($5)…Let me know if you’re needing a ride. So far going:  Dave C, Carrie B, Lee M, Gayle S, Judi S, Kevin P.

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