Week of 4/25/16: Workouts, Weekend training: both Sat & Sunday plans


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Updated 4/30/16: Looks like Saturday is on for Hill Repeats on Walsh Drive at 7:30 A.M.; then RRGrade 8M on Sunday at 7:30 A.M. The idea here is once every 3 weeks to get in a tough session with back to back days training.

Note: I’ll be coming back Tuesday afternoon, so 8:15 A.M. group will do workout below, or simply a run in your area closest to you. I’ll be back home Tuesday – Sunday. How many of you are up for RRGrade on Sunday morning? It’s all quality training for this race, as you know: hill work, track (don’t lose speed), distance (keep the endurance so you can race the 7+ miles) and tempo (for fitness on the long uphills). RRGrade would be uphill tempo fitness development.
Looking Ahead:  The Human Race 5K, will be run on Saturday, May 7th at the Lagoon area of the Civic Center. A good 5k practice prior to tackling the MMDay 10K on Memorial Day emphasizes fitness for the 10K. It is also our Club fundraiser and 10K Championships.. A good approximation of your 10K time is to double your 5K time, plus one minute.
See Below for thoughts and observations on Boston and London Marathons…Congrats to LINDA (LINDSAY) MUNK for completing both Boston and Big Sur within the week (“B & B”): a tough order! Kathy Johnson and Gayle Shimokaji also ran this double a year or two ago.
 Interesting to observe, actually a treat, to see the remarkable turnover and form of the men and women who run the World Championships HALF MARATHON – the world’s most competitive road race, held in Cardiff, England this time. They show the entire race: worth watching the form, stride and red line effort these teams of 5 men and women display. The men run approximately 4:30 per mile; their 2M split was around 9:05; 10K in 27:59, so they had picked up 5K-10K inside of 14:00! Mo Farah was pushed by the Kenyan team breaking the 15K (9.32 miles) European record enroute in 42:03; leaders hit 10M in 44:47 – and this is  with wind and rain which hit hard from 10M on! Absolutely brutal effort for all….. Final time was 59:10 with Mo Farah in 3rd at 59:59….The WOMEN hit 10K in 32:34 – and then picked it up. Hit 10M in 51 and change. Kenyan women took it 1,2,3 in 67:31! it certainly illustrates how important strong tempo workouts contribute to amazing times!
4/26/16 TUESDAY, 8:45 A.M. MILEAGE/HILL work. Meet in  Tenn Valley hiking parking lot at end of Tenn Valley Rd. Run to beach and back, but on the return path take Coyote Trail for 2x 1:00 and 2 x 30” repeats; then a long tempo on the paved upgrade to the parking lot. You may simply want to run the trail or road closest to you for convenience.
4/27/16 WEDNESDAY 8:15 A.M. MADISON AV GYM workout.
4/28/16 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:45 A.M. start times at TRACK at COM. Shorter intervals this week.  At the request of Mike Fanelli and in anticipation of his 60th birthday he has a request for 600’s in the workout. They will give you good practice running from Dipsea start to the stairs – and then some.
A/B gp:
 2 x 200 (200)
2 x 400 (2’ / 2:30)
4 x 600 @ 5K GP or a bit faster (200)
2 x 400 (2’ / 2:30)
2 x 200 (200)
C GP: 2 x 20
4 x 50 (50)
2 x 20
1 x 200 (200)
2 x 20
2 x 150 (50)
2 x 40
2 x 100 (100)
4/30/16 SATURDAY 7:30 A.M. HILL REPEATS on Walsh Drive. Do your warm-up near Old Mill Park, the stairs; then I meet you at Walsh Drive. so far: Judi S, Gayle S, Kevin P, Hans S
5/1/16 SUNDAY 7:30 A.M. RRGRADE 8M at usual spot by City Hall/Fire Dept on Corte Madera Av. This is your uphill tempo push to help with Hogsback and other long upgrades. Let me know if you need ride; so far: Denise M, Judi S., Gayle S, Pam J, Dave C.,
Some comments on Boston and London Marathons:
BOSTON MARATHON a lesson in watching the pacing late in the race by eventual winner, Atsede Barysa, Ethopia who won in 2:29;19 by not getting sucked into the breakaway. The leading group hit halfway in 1:15:33. The lead group then threw in a 5’ pace downhill mile at mile 16 putting Baysa 37” behind, but she ended up winning by 44 seconds. Here’s a good number of the 5K splits to give you an idea of the very sustained effort: 18:22, 17:59, 17:38, 17:45, 17:33, 17:40, 18:08 (uphill), 16:43, then 7:30 from 25-finish.
LONDON MARATHON 4/23/16: A remarkable field where ELIUD KIPCHOGE defended his title – with a 2:03:05; second fastest time in history: only 8” off the WR! I’m surprised they didn’t have a lead vehicle with display clock on it so the lead pack  could see it. He could have broken the WR if he had known. First half in 61:24, they broke the record for 30K (18.6M) in 1:27:13; the last 5K in 14:27!
For the women, JEMIMA SUMGONG still won it after a taking a hard spill (tripped by another runner near aid station). They hit 10K in 32:43; 1:10:45 half marathon and 30K in 1:41:39; mile 23 – 25 were run in 5:15, 5:13, 5:16…

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  1. Kees, I will not be able to do any weekend runs. We are doing the Ridge Trail 15 mile fundraiser on Saturday. I have to work Sunday. See you on Thursday.

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