Week of 5/30/16: Workouts, post MMDay Races, last weekend training before Dipsea

Hi Folks,

Updated 6/2/16:  Next week is taper week for Dipsea. See below for ideas for this weekend on  through next week.

The 5K and 10K races at MMDay Races went well though it became a little bit warm for the runners. As always it’s fun to see the race unfold while handling lead biking duties. The lead pack hit 5K in 15:05 with Jake Schmitt (ended up 3rd in 30:19) in the mix with a group of Aggies. By mile 4 (19:20) the group of 5 or 6 went down to 4, then a bit later by Bon Air Bridge three runners were separated by a few yards. Then along Magnolia the eventual winner, Chris Frias, put in a surge to open the gap a bit more to take a solid lead; then once he hit the track he put in an amazing sprint over the last 200  ( i was right with him) to hit the finish in 30:01! Top woman finisher, Rachel Mitchell, ran a bit over 5:30 pace in 34:47, and our own Hans Schmid took the 75+ in 46:37 around 12 minutes over 2nd place.  I was impressed by 80+ winner, Dewitt Bowman who ran an impressive 50:05!

Other notable performances on a warm day: 50+ woman was Lisbett Sunshine in 39:36; Brian Pilcher’s 55-59 time in 34:39 – well ahead of others in his age group.

Gerald gets in his 47 birthday miles out by Tomales Bay on a perfect day for riding! A wonderful lunch in Tomales, second meal in Rancho Nicasio. Great tradition with wonderful friend.

5/31/16 TUESDAY 8:45 am HILL REPEATS at Theological Seminary. Park along Seminary Drive road by base to the entrance. We’ll do the usual out/back warm-up run then hit the campus hills for repeats. (If you raced on Monday either rest or do easy run.

6/1/16 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM WORKOUT with Kees at Warren’s (148 Madison Av; two blocks from Civic Center)

6/2/16 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:45 am start times for TRACK at COM. Two workouts: one for those who ran last Monday in  MMDay 10K and one for those who did not race.

A. If you ran MMDay 10K:   6-8 x 200 (200)   run at 1.5M race pace. Your goal is to avoid a “hard workout” because you just raced a 10K and recovery is key if gearing up for Dipsea. Run a controlled good turnover pace, but with no “digging” effort: you want to come away feeling refreshed, not fatigued. Your goal is to keep leg turnover and to feel sharp.

B.  A/B groups do Two rounds of:  1000 (200), 600 (200), 400 (2′ / 2 1/2′), 200 (200)

C. C gp :   2 x 20 , 400 (3′), 2 x 20, 200 (200), 2 x 40 , 2 x 100 (100), 4 x 50 (50).

Weekend of 6/4 – 6/5: Time to start backing off serious hill training to let the legs recover during Dipsea taper week.

A.  If you’ve run the course in full included four out/backs to Cardiac and included hill repeats during the week- go ahead and get on a dirt trail run of 8-12 miles over mild rolling terrain. We’re going to give those quads and hamstrings recover for the big day. The “Hay is in the barn” as far as Dipsea training is concerned.

If you have missed getting on the course, then I suggest cruising it all the way to Stinson Beach – so you know it.   If you know it, get in a run to top of Mt. Ladi

Week of race:  I suggest about a 15 mile week. I’d get in short tempo, non-hilly courses: don’t go out and do 9:30 miles, but keep a steady pace but cut it short to 3-4 miles. Can MWF3-4 miles.

Week of 5/23/16: Workouts, MMDay 5K/10K on Memorial Day

Hi Folks,

We’re closing in on the major phase of the Dipsea training. You can take advantage of the upcoming long weekend to run Dipsea: Saturday out/back to Cardiac; Sunday easy trail mileage without hills, e.g., around Bon Tempe and Lagunitas Lakes. Monday help work MMDay Races.

If running MMDay races for Tamalpa age division teams, get in some easy mileage Saturday, off Sunday and race Monday.

A request:  MMDay 5K/10K is Tamalpa’s main fundraiser event – and we host the PA/USATF 10K Championships. This requires a good number of volunteers involved with all aspects of putting on the races: food and refreshments pickups, tables, chairs, race day reg team and set up; course monitors, aid stations and more. This will be my yearly course set up and breakdown plus lead biking since 1977.

So, if you’re running Dipsea, get in a solid Saturday and Sunday; then if you would, help work MMDay Races on Monday. It will only the morning hours, then the rest of your day is free. Those who run the race can also help with clean up. Last year that was accomplished quickly as Club members pitched in: many hands make the work go by quickly!

I believe our club has hosted a classy 10K championship race that’s produced close to a 100  single age and age group records. The race has been ranked in the top twenty 10K’s in California.


Kevin makes podium at The Alcatraz Aquathon event- swim from the Rock to Aquatic Park or East Beach plus a run. 

5/24/16 TUESDAY 8:45 am TEMPO on MV bike path; meet at “log cabin.” We’ll run the usual warm up to the north end of the bike path; then start our tempo distances.

5/25/16 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GM workout with Kees at Warren’s (148 Madison Av, two blocks from the Civic Center).

5/26/16 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:45 am TRACK at COM. Will be okay to run the somewhat abbreviated but quality workout. Should be okay because you have extra day of rest nor the race on Monday.

Week of 5/16/16: Workouts, Dipsea Training Tip, TCRS on Sunday

Hi Folks,


REMINDER:  This is our club’s main fund raiser for Tamalpa and been going since about 1977.  If you’re not racing for Tamalpa team scoring then we can certainly use your help as a volunteer on the race. Very important; it takes many hands to pull off this 10K Championships and 5K. Gerald, Frank and I will be doing course chalking, coning, mile markers, lead biking (Kevin P and I) and pick up after the race. I’ll be doing some chalking Sunday night and cutting branches where needed on the bike path. Everyone and everything must be in place to pull the race off without a hitch: efficient registration on race morning, finish line set up, course monitors, post race goodies, age group awards, t-shirt distribution, the Youth Races, and more. Please let the volunteer coordinator know in advance if you can work the event, don’t wait until the night before the race! Your help is appreciated and critical to set up and pull off a successful event.

If you do help on that Monday, get in solid workouts, Dipsea training on Saturday and Sunday; you’ll need a recovery day by Monday. That should work well for the weekend planning.

Hill Repeats under GG Bridge – what better place and view? Another build-up for Dipsea on a perfect hill.
5/17/16 TUESDAY 8:45 am. HILL REPEATS, Tenn Valley; meet at “log cabin ” off Tenn Valley Rd as usual; been a while since we’ve used this site. We’ll work in our short and long repeats pointing in short term for MMD 10K and then Dipsea.

5/18/16 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM workout with Kees.

5/19/16 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:45 am. TRACK at COM. Longer intervals this week on the docket, and last quality workout before MMDay 10K.

A/B: 1 x 200 (200) then;  Two rounds:   1000 (200), 800 (4:30/5:00), 600 (200); finish with 6 x 40 meters.

C gp:4 x 50 (50); then 2X:  400 (3′), 200 (200), 2 x 100 (100), 3 x 40 meters.

5/21/16 SATURDAY…can do your out/back to Cardiac or shorter. Or, if racing TCRS on Sunday, do a short run of 4-6 miles.

Training Tip: To check your progress and avoid cramming take splits to see how you’re progressing:  start watch after crossing creek; split on top of Dynamite (pick easy to recognize spot); then at entrance to Rain Forest (e.g. , rock on right), then finally at top of Cardiac….Gives you good feedback and might help you from overtraining.

5/22/16 SUNDAY ....TCRS run…get in a good hilly workout and Dipsea practice. See Tamalparunners.org for details.