Week of 6/6/16: Workouts, Taper time, week before Dipsea!

Hi Folks,

updated 6/11/16: Big shout out of Good Luck to all running Dipsea tomorrow. Will be another day of history for this special race – and you’re part of it!

Dipsea Dinner:  Friday night Sandy and I attended the Dipsea dinner in Mil l Valley. I’m always so impressed by the applicants and winners of the scholarships given out by the Dipsea Foundation. These young people are nothing short of amazing with their academics, athletics and community service. This year EDDA STICKLE was inducted into the Dipsea Hall of Fame: very much deserved as she was the race director that got the team on track to keep producing this historical race. She was also quick to give credit to her six key team captains that make it possible to pull off this race every year. It does take many volunteers and dedicated captains to make the point to point run possible.

The “Hay is in the barn” after last weekend; this week will be a lower mileage week so that you’ll have “Happy legs” for the Dipsea race. I’ve planned more regular training for those not running Dipsea. I encourage those who are tapering to run shorter – but, crisp workouts, and include extra rest days. As I’ve consistently found over the years is that this is not a “training” week, but running to keep loose and save the legs for the tough Dipsea course: when in doubt – take extra time off.

  1. If running MWF: get in 3-5-4 miles at steady pace avoiding hills; bit of rolling terrain is okay. Dipsea on Sunday.
  2. If running TuThFri:   5-3 (track: see below)-3 easy. Dipsea on Sunday.

Hans Schmid does it again! He placed 1st in 75-59 at Suja Rock & Roll San Diego Half Marathon with a 1:47:45 (sub 8:30 pace) put him 1343rd out of 16,768. He hit 10K in 53:04 and 10M in 83:44. Congrats on a strong win!

Meanwhile KEVIN P is doing a double triathlon this weekend in Monterey: an Olympic distance on Saturday followed by a Sprint distance triathlon on Sunday. Good luck Kevin!

I will miss Dipsea this year: have to be at a special graduation at Stanford. I’m usually at top of Cardiac with Gerald, the Johnsons and a regular group of others cheering on the Tamalpans! ( Sandy and I will be Dipsea dinner though).

6/7/16 TUESDAY  8:45 am SHORT or LONG MILEAGE. Meet log cabin, Tenn Valley. Those tapering will run shorter; those in regular training will go longer.

6/8/16 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM WORKOUT with Kees. We’ll have two workouts in one, i.e. a shorter, low leg use circuit for the Dipsea taper, and extra for the regular trainees. AFTER the shorter workout we’ll do coffee and breakfast at Bogies located at southwest corner of Civic Center light next to Santa Venetia Market.

6/9/16 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:45 am starts for TRACK workout at COM. We’ll do “Alternating 400’s” for those in taper phase and more for those not running Dipsea. You’ll feel sharp, not tired, but charged up after this continuous workout. It also means paying attention to “feeling the pace” – correctly. It may take several laps to get the correct pacing established.

Dipsea taper group: Run first 400@5K pace, then non-stop right into 20″ slower 400; continue for 8 laps total. That means only 4 faster 400’s and just 2 miles of workout. Example, if running 7 minute pace 5K would be 400 in 1:45; followed by 2:05 next 400. Kind of alternating 5K/Marathon pace, but still a continuous workout simulating the event.

Regular A/B groups:  do same, but for 3.5-4 miles.

C gp: 2 x 40, 2 x 200 (200), 2 x 20, 2 x 150 (50), 2 x 20, 2 x 100 (100), 4 x 50 (50).

Weekend of 6/11/ – 6/12/16: For this weekend the focus is on Dipsea and some triathlons!