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Hi Folks,

updated 7/19/16: I will be attending a memorial for my Dad’s best friend this Saturday in Palos Verdes, so weekend training plans for me to accompany any workout groups are out. But, of course, all of you keep on track with your long runs.

This week I look forward to having you get in a solid week of training as you prepare for the Fall events. I’m also including pictures now and then from the Trials and related stories. The US Olympic Track and Field Trials in Eugene were exciting because of the extraordinary performances athletes had to come up with to make Team USA. The knowledgeable spectators at Hayward Field roared their approval when witnessing clutch performances and moaned with disappointment for athletes who had an off day. I did see a number of runners from Marin, Mike Fanelli who helped MC a clinic with coach Bob Larsen; John Lundy and I also watched the Euro Cup soccer, and others. Sister Marion Irvine and I went up with Jeff Kroot, one of the original Marin Runners.

Marion and I recalled having the opportunity to run on the Hayward Field Track during the World Veteran Games in 1989 ( she won 6 Gold medals at age 59); I survived the races. It was one of those memorable week-long events I enjoyed with Marion, my parents, the Kamburs, Kay Willoughby, Shirley Matson and others. Now, here we are years later spectating the Olympic Trials!

 Sunday: Some of the members from the workout groups started the 8M Railroad Grade Run course in the cold fog from downtown Mill Valley but came through to sunshine when they reached West Point Inn altitude, then finished in the parking lot at the top of Tam.

Talk about memorable days! Jackie Hansen sent me this photo from when we ran the Daisy Hill Run together back in 1975. This half marathon started and ended at Sonoma State College that featured a long uphill and downhill. We met again during the Trials at coffee shop (see picture in last week’s blog). We had a good time discussing the race and women’s running back in the “early days.” Jackie was the first woman to break 2:40:00 and won the Boston Marathon in 1973. Jackie was featured in the book The First Ladies of Running by Amby Burfoot the Editor of Runners World magazine and winner of the 1968 Boston Marathon. (see  picture below)

Amby Burfoot, author of the First Ladies of Running.
7/19/16 TUESDAY 9 am MILEAGE & some HILL WORK. Meet in Blacky’s Pasture parking lot. Yes, a change of venue and Peets Coffee nearby.

7/20/16 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM workout with Kees.

7/21/16 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:45 am TRACK at COM. Longer intervals for today.

A gp: 200 (200),  4 rounds of:  1000 (200) @ 5GP, 200 (200)@ mile pace; then 1 x 600 (200), 2 x 400 (2′)

B gp: 200 (200) 3 rounds of: 1000 (200) @ 5K GP, 200 (200) @ mile pace. then 1 x 600 (200), 2 x 400 (2:30)…

C gp:

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