Week of 7/4/16: Workouts, Olympic Trials week,

Hi Folks,

updated 7/10/16..Not reporting too much of the details; that’s on TV and online. More the flavor of the day.

Saturday,10-9-16, Olympic Trials: Loudest crowd noise today with the 5000 Men’s final, 200 Men’s final and the Men and Women’s 110 meter hurdle finals. The 5,000 started in very much pedestrian fashion until after 1K, a runner named, Shrader, who had no chance to win it, decided enough is enough and threw in a 61″ 400, then 65’s that woke everyone up. The crowd roared their approval, so cool! Then midway or so Galen Rupp a favorite to place (though I think it’s too much with marathon and 10K training) took up the chase, closed the gap. As they approached the last mile a large group accelerated, shot by Rupp; Lagat, at age 41, took it in last straightway – with the last 800 in two minutes! Crowd went nuts…more to come. Galen Rupp was well out of it but got in   The Men’s 200 Final showed that experienced veteran runners took the top three spots (Gatlin won it under 20″), but the  high school runners Norman and Lyle both set new records for HS level with 20.1 and change. Quite remarkable!

You never know who you meet at the Trials. I bumped into Jackie Hansen at a coffee shop after all these years; she was the first US woman to break 2:40:00 for the marathon back in 1975. She and I shared a memory when we ran the Daisy Hill Run half marathon together; she ran under the name “Susan B Anthony” so her time wouldn’t she up as a bad day’s run. Having indulged the night before, it was a bit tougher run so we cruised it for the workout. One for the memory books.

Meanwhile on Sunday morning (7/10) I caught a bit of the last one  third of the Tour de France race in the Pyrenees. What a day the riders had to endure with 104 degrees or more in the lowlands, then on the climb and long uphill grind, a pounding hailstorm! Catch the replay later today or tonight.

Friday had a number of finals and heats that were more difficult to run due to on and off rain. Women’s Pole Vault was stopped three times, the men’s discuss and high jump was held in full rain and one semi-final in the 1500. Was very exciting to see two high school runners in the men’s 200 qualify for the final with the big favorites! Amazing performances.

We had a very exciting day in Eugene at US Olympic Trials with a number of finals; more on deck for today. When you see an event such as the Trials you get the crowd involvement: lots of loud cheers and encouragement. Will be a good day today (7/4) with a good number of finals and heats of 3,000, Steeplechase, 5,000, finals of Pole Vault (the vault pit is on our side of the track in front of us; two pits going at same time)..My blog may be spotty as I’m out most of the day.

The Men’s 10,000 was run early in the week of the Trials under warm early evening conditions with Galen Rup leading most of the race. Later in the race the remarkable 41 year- old Lagat, who was in the top three and expected to place, suddenly dropped out due to the heat. Galen put on a push at the end and won his 8th straight 10K in 27:55 – a strong time on a warm day. Molly Huddle led all the Women’s 10,000, thus keeping out of trouble and hit the 5K in 16:08. The lead group definitely picked it up strongly over the last 6 laps ( sub 75’s) and she sped up to take the win in 31:46. … more to come.


One of the three men going to Rio in the Javelin. Note unique shape of the medal. So exciting for these young athletes to go the Olympics. Pressure is off – for a while. ( poor photo of me- must have been talking). Lots of crowd support at these Trials.

7/5/16 TUESDAY 9 am start. HILL REPEATS and mileage. Meet at “log cabin”,then run to other parking lot where people go to hike. Do 30″/45″/1:30 hill repeats up Monticello trail/fire road. Then run back to our short hill repeats spot for 4 x halfway; 4 to end and 2 to left up to mailboxes. We’re building mileage for all the group – an “NYCM 4”.

7/6/16 WEDNESDAY There will be no MADISON AV GYM workout. Warren can’t do it – and with the Fair the parking hassle is major there.

7/7/16 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:45 am starts for TRACK..Longer intervals this week.

A gp: 1 x 200 (200), 1600 @ 10K pace (400), 1200 (400), 800 (4:30 or 5:00) @ 5K pace, 600 (200), 400 (2′).

B gp: 1200 (400) @ 10K pace, 1000 (200), 800 (5:00), 600 (200), 2 x 400 (2:30), 2 x 200 (200).

C gp:4 x 20, 4 x 50 (50); 2 rounds of:  400 (3:30), 200 (200), 2 x 100 (100).

Weekend of 9/10 – 9/11:  For most of the group building up endurance for Summer runs; get in 10-13 depending on your base. When I return we’ll get back to running RRGrade again-hopefully the following weekend.

NYCM group get in that Long Run of 15M this weekend – or close to working up to that distance; we’ll stay at 15M for two sessions.