Week of 10/24/16: Workouts, Tamalpa Challenge on Sunday, Rain

Hi Folks,

updated 10/27  4:15 pm. Added splits for 10K time, time per 400, time for Tempo.

..Note that we have the Tamalpa Challenge in China Camp (back Miwok Meadows) on Sunday. I encourage you to try this trail run conducted in three separate heats (Women, Masters Men, Open Men) – or help me on the finish line and on the course. Verity Breen is in charge and will need help, check Tamalparunners.org for how to help. We always need volunteers at a race hosted by Tamalpa. Club racing is fun and you have a chance to run with club members from all over the Bay Area. This one is in your backyard!

10/25/16 TUESDAY . You’ll be running on your own close to home; perhaps with other(s) in group who live nearby. Get in 5-7 miles steady run. We’ll do Hour (NYCM gp) or Half Hour run on Thursday at track at 8:30.

10/26/16 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am. MADISON AV GYM. Circuit with Kees at Warren’s.

10/27/16 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:45 am TRACK at COM. Shorter intervals planned for today. If heavy rain (likely) we’ll do Hour Run for NYCM group  (their last quality run before NYCM) and Half Hour run for rest of the group. If weather is okay we  following workout:

A/B gp:  10 x 400 (on the 2 1/2′), then 1x 1000 to simulate the last part of a drive to the finish in a race.

C gp: Two rounds of:  2 x 40 meters, 4 x 100 (100), 2 x 40 meters, 2 x 150 (50).

for 10K time of 56′ (9:01/mile)    2:03/400     9:22 for Tempo;  53′ 10K (8:32)  1:56/400  8:54/400;   51′-10K (8:13), 1:53/400, 8:35 Tempo;  50′-10K, (8:03), 1:51/400,  8:26 Tempo;  48′-10K, 1:44/400,  7:58 Tempo;  45′-10K (7:15),  1:40/400,  7:38 Tempo;


Training Tip: A reminder to watch the intensity of quality workouts. In an effort to catch up on developing speed runners often put in more intense shorter workouts. It’s a trap that can lead to inefficiency and overtraining. For most of our group members, 5K race pace is good for interval training: keep it controlled and you’ll develop your race pace. A bit slower than 10K race pace, or at 15K pace is the effort level for threshold training: always keeping it under control; what I call high aerobic effort.

Weekend of 10/29 – 10/30

10/30/16 SUNDAY .  9, 10, 11 am starts. TAMALPA CHALLENGE 4.1M. At 9 am WOMEN’s race; 10 am the MASTERS MEN, 11 am OPEN MEN. Reminder that it’s a good 1/4 mile from parking along the road into registration area; then it’s back out to the Start at roadside.

NYCM group:  Taper weekend and week. So a 10-12 miler; followed by a low mileage week. OR, you can do the Tamalpa Challenge preceded by 3-5 easy miles on Saturday.

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