Week of 12/12/16: Workouts this week, Saturday Hill Repeats

Hi Folks,

Still time to commit to Sat Hill Repeats to work of the Holiday Cheer – tomorrow!

12/16/16 Update 7:35 pm:  So far looks like Saturday Hill Repeats. Lisa L, Shirley D, Jeanie S, Judi S, Carrie, Lee & Grayson, Pam, Heather, and others….Let me know if any of you can participate.

12/14/16 update 9:22 pm:  To make-up for the Th cancel at the track, I can hold SATURDAY HILL REPEATS/CROSS TRAINING at the usual Seminary College grounds; let me know if you are interested. Starts 7:30 am.

12/14/16 update: for THURSDAY track (tomorrow) Supposed to be wet and wild if so – no track.  The news said to avoid SFD area: rain plus king tides will do it.  If you do go in the rain, change the workout to 5K Predictor so you don’t pull a hamstring and get it over quickly – but productive.  Three times 1600 (1′ rest exactly between each mile) . Average the times and multiply by 3.125 and you will be within 15″ of 5K effort.

The week of 12/20 – 12/29 I have family here and will be out at Stinson so: no Wednesday, or Thursday workouts …HOWEVER, The TUESDAY morning group has been called together by Alyce and voted to run HILL REPEATS as a last workout before the Christmas break at Ft. Baker by GG Bridge on Tuesday, 12/20/16.

updated 12/12/16: 9:22 pm.  TUESDAY workout is on, but due to king tide we will change the route starting from  “log cabin” towards Tenn Valley parking area and Marincello hill. The bike path may be underwater…I have good alternative plan…

The weather for this yeas Christmas Relays was not a factor; cold, but no rain. A good 150 teams participated and our Tamalpa runners fielded teams but our top Masters teams were competing out of state in the National Cross Country Championships. We’ll see how they fared later this week.

12/13/16 TUESDAY 8:45 am TEMPO Meet at “log cabin” off Tenn Valley Rd. TEMPO day on MV bike path. After the usual warm-up:  .5Tempo/.5 Easy; 1.5T/.5E; 1.0T – finish. Then recovery run back to the parking lot.

12/14/16 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am start at MADISON AV GYM workout at Warren’s (148 Madison Av) two blocks from the Civic Center. We’ll be up to 100 KB Swings by year’s end, plus go through a solid Circuit. The goal is  balance your musculature, improve range of movement (ROM) and pure strength. It works runners, ultra runners, and triathletes.

12/15/16 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:45 am starts for TRACK at COM. Will be Cancelled for today.  Shorter intervals this week. But it looks like rain is to be heavy – along with king tides. News said to avoid SFD area, so I’m going to cancel track work. 

Weekend of 12/17 – 12/18. Emphasis on the longer run….Those running Napa Marathon in March will get in a 17 miler. Those on modest mileage run 10-13 on trails.

SATURDAY 12/17/16.  7:30 am Start for HILL REPEATS/CROSS TRAINING at Theological Seminary off Seminary Drive. LET ME KNOW if you can/want to make the workout before I commit; I know it’s busy time of year. Timeline: arrive about 7:15 or earlier, park along Seminary Drive near entry road to College; then run warm-up along the Bay on Seminary Drive.  Jog up main entry road to first cross street where I will have the workouts station set up. The goal is finish the workout within a half hour: four exercise stations and 20 hill repeats. So Far:  Jeanie S, Judi S, Shirley D, Carrie, Lee & Grayson, Pam, Heather, Lisa L.

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