Week of 12/26: Workouts, New Year’s Day! RRGrade on Sunday

Hi Folks,

updated 12/31:

12/27:  TUESDAY. I will still be away with family, but get in the 6 miles.

12/28:  WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM workout and one at MICHELLE’s at her STINSON BEACH HOUSE one of the group will have the workout: same as last week – and some of the group will be working out at Stinson closer to 8:45 am….For at Warren’s and after usual warm-up of single DB clean & presses x 10; halos x 5 each direction; 5 Goblets, Bird Dogs, hip rolls, Iron Crosses with toe-to-hand reaches.  Put Olympic bar on racks at about knee level…then:

Swings x 15  /   Incline Push-ups x 6

Swings x 15 /  Incline push-ups x 6

Swings x 15 /  L. side plank static hold for 15 count

Swings x 15  /  R side plank static hold for 15 count

Swings x 10 heavier  / x 5 goblet squats

Swings x 5 heavier  /   6 Incline push-ups.

CIRCUIT:  do station for 35″   /   25″ change to next station; doing on-the-minute (OTM).

Heavy KB Deadlifts

Wipers with 15’s on each side

L. Bulgarian Squat with R trailing foot on low step-up

R. Bulgarian Squat with L. trailing foot on low step-up

L. KB Clean & Press

R. KB Clean & Press

Russian Twists with 10# plate

DBL KB Rack Walk

KB or Heavy DB’s Farmer Walk (remember to grip handles tightly keep torso erect, walk with small quick steps)

After Circuit finish with  Deadlifts  4-3-3-2-2    or TrapBar Deadlifts. Alternate with Hip stretch on table.

Roller work and stretching; SuperNova Ball on hip…Get in Kneeling “Couch Stretch” to loosen up hip flexors.

12/29 THURSDAY  7:30 & 8:45 am Starts for TRACK at COM. Longer intervals this week.

A gp & those gearing up for Napa Marathon:   after 2 x 300 (100) stride outs;     4 Rounds of:  1000 @ 5K to 10K pace (200), 200 fast (200)

B gp:  2 Rounds of:    (1000 (200), 800 (on 5′), 600 (200). )

C gp: 2 Rounds of:   (2 x 40 meters, 1 x 200 (200), 2 x 150 (50), 2 x 100 (100))

Weekend of 12/31 & 1/1

12/31 SATURDAY ….get in 4-5M if running RRGrade on Sunday or gearing up for Kaiser Half on SuperBowl Sunday.

1/1/17 SUNDAY 8:30 am. RRGRADE 8M  . We meet downtown MV on Corte Madera Ave by firehouse/City Hall as usual. LET ME KNOW if you want ride down from top for head count and vehicles. Bring a small duffel bag for change of shirt, warm jacket: you never know what weather is at top! Remember, that there is an Open House at the Gravity Car Museum at the end of the run where they will have snacks, drinks and coffee along with movies of the railroad in action during the 1920’s.

Coming so far: (Lisa L), Jeanie S, Shirley D, Carrie & Lee, Andy V, Denise, Mark, .Kevin, Otis, …..(Dave C, PamJ, Judi S , Michelle S, will be running back down; Lisa, Chris, John will be walking down to Mt.Home Inn where they will have a car)

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