Week of 2/6/17: Workouts, Saturday workout, Sunday TCRS #2,

Hi Folks,

Updated 2/9/17: . 6:30 am:  I won’t be at track today. Turnout in rain is low and access to COM may be affected.

I do have conflict early Tuesday morning and cannot make the workout. I’m leaning towards holding a Saturday Hill Repeats even though there is the TCRS#2 put on by the Club in Novato. The TCRS events are low-key, inexpensive and provide moderate race distances to include all ability levels.

2/7/17 TUESDAY 8:45 am …A driving rain expected tonight through Tuesday morning, so I suggest running 4-6 miler with someone in the group from  your area.( Sandy and I have to go take care of Riggins & Sidney at 5:30 am because Warren (and Andre) are snowbound in Colorado!). Get your run in efficiently then get out of the rain: we will have several days of rain. The goal is to maintain base mileage; then up it this weekend when the weather is clear again.

2/8/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am. MADISON AV GYM with Kees at Warren’s. Solid warm-up round totaling 100 Swings & exercises followed by the Circuit.

2/9/17 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:45 am TRACK at COM. I AM CANCELING TRACK TODAY due to rain, wind and flooding in the area. Long intervals…(the group survived last Thursday – did a good job). NOTE: I am worried about flooding and traffic to get to COM; let’s see by tonight if track workout is doable.

A/B gps:  2 Rounds of:  1000 @5K pace (200), 600 (200), 400 @ sub 5K pace (2 1/2′), 200 (200).

C gp:  2 Rounds of:  400 (3 1/2′), 200 (200), 2 x 100 (100).

2/11/17 SATURDAY 7:30 am SATURDAY HILL REPEATS/CROSS TRAINING/ Loaded Carries/Tire pulling. ( let me know if you’d like to join in; we’ll decide by Thursday night if it’s a go). Some of you will opt to do both Saturday and Sunday events; others just one.

Coming Sat:  Carrie B & Grayson, Lisa,

2/12/17 SUNDAY 9 am TCRS #2 Verismo / O’Hair Park, 4.4M. Located 885 Sutro Ave , Novato. For what’s usually a hilly course; the details: www.strava.com/activities/468825645.