Week of 3/13/17: Workouts, double workout weekend,Training Tips

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updated: 3/17/17. Added pictures below and Training Tips;  those coming to Sat HF and Sunday RRGrade Run. Let me know if you are attending the Sat  HR and/or Sunday run.

Results: Jeanie Sawaya completed her second race as a tune-up for her half marathon goal in April with a 10K in Old Town, Sacramento, taking 2nd in her age group with a 48:55 time.

This weekend we’ll do our two days in a row workout: Saturday Hill Repeats/Cross Training then on Sunday we’ll do RRGrade Run. We’re in March training to build a foundation of leg strength and power. The idea here is to go into the RRGrade run with some carry-over fatigue from Saturday’s workout and learn to run with tired legs – similar to running the Dipsea- remember how Insult Hill feels on the legs!

Kathy Johnson and Mark Fujwara celebrate their Napa Marathon successes at Kathy’s birthday run and party organized by Erin Shippey and others. Both qualified for Boston!

3/14/17 TUESDAY. 8:45 am. TEMPO. Have gang meet at “log cabin” and get in 3 x Mile (.5M easy). Starts from north end of bike path.

3/15/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am. MADISON AV GYM workout with Kees at Warren’s.

3/16/17 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:30 am starts for TRACK at COM…shorter intervals this week. (note: 2nd group seems to be starting at 8:30 am over the last couple of weeks; we’ll move it from 8:45 to the 8:30 am start. If the group wants to change it back to 8:45 am , let me know).

After the 1.5M warm-up, 4 x 50 (50), 2 x 100 (100). Then the 2 x 200 (200) stride-outs and 2 x 300’s (100) tune-up:

A gp:  8-10 x 400 (2:00) ..(stop after 8 reps if you are laboring on the 400’s ; especially if on the 2:00..)

B gp:  8-10 x 400 (2:30)…(stop after 8 reps if you are laboring too much on the 400’s: better not to go “over the edge” in effort. Keep at high aerobic, but controlled effort. It is early in the year, Spring on the way: lots of time.

C gp: 3 rounds:  (2 x 40 meters, 4 x 50 (50), 2 x 100 (100))

3/18/17 SATURDAY 7:30 am Start for HILL REPEATS/Cross Training workout Theological Seminary College. Meet along Seminary Drive, do run out/back along Bay; then run up the entry road to where I’ll have the exercise stations set up. After the 4 rounds and 20 hill repeats; it’s Loaded Carries and tire pulls.

Coming to workout:  Andy V, Paula V, Hunter V., Jeanie S, Hans, Carrie, Grayson, Tim, LISA L,

3/19/17 SUNDAY 7:30 am star ( arrive a bit earlier to allow time to assemble). This early start let’s people get to work or get on with their day.  RAILROAD GRADE RUN 8M. A point to point ascent only run over a 5-7% grade to the top of Mt. Tam. Meet across from fire station in downtown Mill Valley on Corte Madera Ave. Let me know if you need a ride down from the top ($5) ahead of time: I need the head count. Some who are gearing up for an ultra or need that downhill practice should run back to the start…Bring a small duffel bag with a change of clothes: you never know the weather on top – and you’ll want to get out of your wet shirt.

so far: Carrie B, Judi S., Shirley D (she’ll help with driving), Kevin P, Hans, Dave C, LISA L,Jeanie…some are running back down for extra credit ( Judi, Dave C, Kevin)

Sandy with one of Leigh Kenny’s baby goats. Ulla and Michelle Wilcox feeding “Squish”, one of the kids. Leigh is one busy lady with 19 goats, 4 sheep, and about 7 dogs! Their property is out Lucas Valley Rd. Wonderful afternoon!

Training Tips:  Gray Cook is one of the top coaches/physical therapists regarding movement screening and proper balanced training. Here is some of his advice regarding Loaded Carries and reinforces why they are so important. ( i will get to shoulder care tips later; this came up as important right now).

As you know, I advocate loaded carries for those who are starting out with resistance training – and seasoned athletes. I’ve started over including them into my program; especially after having a hip replacement. It’s not about how much you are lifting, but maintaining structural integrity, balanced development and minimizing chances for injuries.

“...This one of the central problems in Western fitness. We try to lift things before we have carry capacity. Take the kind of weights you want to lift and carry them. Let’s carry those with alignment and integrity under load. Guess what would happen if we all did more carries than lifts? You wouldn’t be looking for correctives. This can help your endurance. It can help your core stabilization. It can help your posture. 

This is where balance starts- carries, not with deadlifting: not with bench pressing and not with single-leg deadlifts, and not with Turkish getups and swings and push presses.

Balance starts with work capacity. ”

One way to see if you own your loaded carry is to build on time. Take the Waiter’s Carry; hold the kettlebell overhead with straight wrist, bicep alongside ear and pack the shoulder joint- hold in place with your lats…Once that position starts to go, drop it into Rack Carry position. Hold that in the “V: of the arm, mid and upper back erect, (that area is holding the weight) and position. When that begins to falter drop down to Farmer Carry until grip starts just begins to weaken; then do the left side with all three lifts. Don’t go for the heavy lift just yet: be able to walk while holding the positions well. It is not a lifting contest, but building core, stability and adjusting to time under tension (TUT). The goal is to continue for 11-15 minutes; do all the three carries non-stop on the left side, then switch and do the same non-stop three on the right side. Go for the total time.

> Bottom-up carry with kettlebell. Now here’s a lift and carry that works the shoulder stabilizers and gets your neurons firing. Take a light kettlebell (yes light) by the handle and face the bottom up. Now press it overhead and do your Waiters Carry; then add three presses, right and left sides. It will take focus and is terrific for “feeling the stability” exercise.


more to come…

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