Week of 3/20/17: Workouts, Saturday workout, MMDR and Dipsea

Hi Folks,

updated 3/23/17…Weather looks good for Saturday – take advantage of it with an extra effort at Saturday Hill Repeats!

More on training for the MMDR (5/29/17) and Dipsea in June.  Also, a short history of MMDRaces that were first run in 1977!

Solid workout last Saturday  with Hill Repeats (20), plus weights, followed up on Sunday with the quality uphill RRGrade Run to the top of Mt. Tam.

RRGrade Run conditions and view are different every time the group runs this spectacular course from Mill Valley to top of Tam. (Photos by Gerald)

Verity Breen shown here running with kids in Oakland: she’s certainly a terrific, enthusiastic  role model! She also placed 2nd in 50+ div. with a 1:29:51 at Modesto Half Marathon..

DIPSEA TRAINING continues: You’re well into your third month of Dipsea background training which includes: hill repeats, some weight training, one long distance run on trails for endurance; track workouts for leg speed, and tempo practice to improve your threshold running level. We’ll get you on the Dipsea course later; build your strength and power during March and April – then hit the trail…..Hill Repeats are on again for Saturday; the exercise reps will increase.

The hill training and strength/power development also leads to an improved road race time, e.g., the upcoming Marin Memorial Day Races 5K/10K/Youth Track Races (MMDR) on May 29, 2017. We, Tamalpa Runners, are celebrating our 40th year with this race; certainly my 40th time working the course and for a number of years as Race Director. Please plan on helping work the event on race and/or running the 10K to score for Tamalpa: this is a 10K on the race circuit, so every runner helps- slow or fast. It’s entering enough in each group that can make it for teams.

Those focusing on Dipsea and Double Dipsea and not running the MMDR 10K, but are helping work the race; get in a solid Memorial weekend of Dipsea course practice and trail run. That will be the last over-distance workout; then the weekend before (6/3-6/4) is taper weekend, followed by an easy week. I pretty much avoid much hill work on the weekend before, just a fun, rolling 10 mile trail run and then an easy week.

The “Hay is in the barn” by end of May. Cramming extra workouts close to the race won’t make you more fit; do the bulk of the non-glamorous work during March and towards the end of April. Then hit the trail. I’ve found that once you have six sessions on the Dipsea trail; you won’t improve your time much at all. Make those sessions count when it’s time.

Two races to run as a build-up to the Dipsea are the Stow Lake Stampede 5K (4/23/17) and MMDR 10K on Memorial Day, May 29, 2017.

Looking ahead: Planning a steppingstone 5K race towards our MMDR 10K is the Stow Lake Stampede 5K 4/23/17), 8:30 am, which is run on the old Zippy 5K course. It’s a fast 5K certified course and gives you a good 5K test while contributing to team scoring for Tamalpa. The Impalas host this race, so it’s good to support other clubs who put on smaller size races. Every ability level runs this race and you’ll see many people you know in the  race. Will also establish a 5K time for you that will be used for your track work pacing on Thursdays (or Tuesdays with Frank’s group). The 5K also a litmus test for your all-out running fitness; takes about the same time to run a 5K as an all-out fitness test on a treadmill in the lab! You can’t sprint it, can’t take your time on it: it maximizes your aerobic/anaerobic threshold.

10K Predictor:  Take your 5K time from this 5K race, double it plus one minute and you are very close to your 10K projected time. Gives you a perfect month between races with the MMDR 10K which gives a solid 40-50 minutes of threshold running and fitness – all culminating with the Dipsea.

Vicki deMenno’s daughter, Sammy, pictured here with Meb, ran a PR 1:24:46 at NYC Half on a cold day. She was 497th – there 19,387 runners in the half; 9,877 women: a large half marathon! She had just returned from vacationing with family in Mexico: a tough change from a hot climate to a cold one!  Pix#2 is Lauren Callahan, daughter of Laurie at mile 24 (with picture of her dog on the sign) who we used to babysit (boy that ages me!);  ran her first marathon at Sketchers LA Marathon in 5:13:42. LA Marathon had some 25,000 runners participating. Lauren is in the pyschology Ph.D. Program at Stanford. Big day for both ladies!

3/21/17 TUESDAY …Mileage on your own this week; trail run would be on the menu. Next week, tentatively looking at doing GGate Bridge hill training; meeting at Ft. Baker.

3/22/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM workout with Kees at Warren’s.

3/23/17 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:30 am starts for TRACK at COM. Longer Intervals this week with “Alternating 400’s” a non-stop workout. You’ll run 400 @ 5K pace, then without stopping go into next 400 @ 15″ slower pace; continue for 10 laps or 8 laps. For example, a 7′ pace 400 is 1:45/ followed by 2:00 lap; repeat the pattern. That will only be 5 faster 400’s in the 10 lap workout.

note warm-up change in routine..after 1.5-2M warm-up run:  6 x 40 meter quick cadence pickups, 2 x 100 (100).    2 x 200 (200), 1 x 600 (200):

A gp:  10 x Alternating 400’s

B gp:  8 x Alternating 400’s

C gp:  4 x 40 meters, 1 x 200 (200); 3 x 40 meters, 2 x 150 (50); 2 x 40 meters, 2 x 100 (100).  2 x 40.

3/25/17 SATURDAY 7:30 start for HILL REPEATS/Cross Training at Seminary College of Seminary Drive. Arrive earlier about 7 or 7:10 am, get in a warm-up run along the Bay; then its a run up the entry road to the Theological College where I have the stations set up.

  1. R/L 1- Hand KB/DB Hand Swings x 12 each

2 X Sprint  –  1/2 “A”  –  Short  –  1/2 “A”

2) DB/KB Thrusters x 13 + overhead hold for 10 count:

Short  –  2 x Sprint  –   1/2 “B” + Long 

3)  DB Plank Row  R/L x 12

3 x Sprint   –  2 x Short

4)  Dual-Handle or Med Ball Jacks x 16

2 x Short  –  Sprint  –  1/2 “B”  + Long. 

3/26/17 SUNDAY – Get in a 10-15 mile trail run to keep the endurance training going so you can race the 7+ miles of very hilly Dipsea terrain.

A little history on MMDR, formerly called the Pacific Sun 10K (and Marathon)..

A Brief History on MMDR:

Gordon Stewart and I were involved on the ground floor with the Pacific Sun Marathon and 10K back in 1977 with Steve MacNamara (former owner of the Pacific Sun Paper), his assistant, Lorna Cunkle, and Andy Mecca, an enthusiastic runner who was working with Governor Brown’s anti-drug program – “Drug Czar” we called him. This was during the “Running Boom”when the city-wide marathons were increasing in number across the U.S – and the world, such as New York and London. The big one during the early ’70’s was the Boston Marathon; until Fed Lebow took NYCM city-wide in 1976. Steve, Lorna, and Andy believed that Marin needed to host a marathon: the time was ripe!

Gordon and I approached them to see what they had in mind and Andy took us on a proposed course, but it was not good for a road race and logistics. So Gordon and I took the bull by the horns and tackled the Pacific Sun Marathon design which started and ended on the COM Track (That was a difficult job to get 26.2 miles to come out exactly.)

It essentially went through Corte Madera, over the hill via Meadowsweet, the bike path, back way to Shelter Bay, Seminary Drive, Strawberry, Tiburon and around the loop; back by Redwood HS, Magnolia and finished on the track. Certifying this course, which required two rides by bicycle with a Jones Bike Counter was just a small part of the work.

The 10K was different and essentially went south towards Redwood HS, a loop in the Greenbrae Marina housing and back to the track. It was the following year that Dipsea course record holder, Ron Elijah suggested that we go on Shady Lane for part of the course and use the bike path. That led to us re-doing the course we’ve ever since and certifying the distance. Many national and a few world records have been set on this 10K since the 1980’s; I think it was back in ’89 that we had the most women under 40:00 in the country – 62!

We discontinued the marathon after the 1982 flood year when part of the backside of the Tiburon loop was closed due to a large slide. It was too much of an undertaking for the Club requiring a great deal of manpower and time ( nine months of straight work for me). In addition, during those years, Memorial Day was always hot – not good for a marathon.
We decided to focus on creating a first class 10K and host the 10K Championships. We did have a 2.5M shorter run for years, but that was changed to what became the Don Ritchie 5K.


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