Week of 3/30/17: Workouts, Tuesday Long hills, Sat Hill Repeats

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Updated 3/31:  Heads up: we’re going into April! Finish that power base.

This week we’re into April and continue with our background power development for Dipsea along with a couple of steppingstone fitness tests on the Calendar: the Stow Lake Stampede 5K (all out fitness and peak of anaerobic and aerobic components), and the MMDR 10K (approximately 40-50  minutes of tempo/threshold running). Meanwhile we continue with hill strength work, track sessions for speed and the 10-15 milers for endurance.

3/28/17 TUESDAY 9 am GG BRIDGE/FT BAKER long hill repeats. A transition to simulation for Dipsea. There will be two rounds of:  1′,2′,3′,4′ repeats; a 20 minute total which simulates the time period from crossing the creek in Muir Woods to top of Cardiac. Your goal is to work up to 4 x 4′ minute uphill repeats to hit your peak Max VO2.

3/29/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 starting time MADISON AV GYM WORKOUT.  for the first part of the workout it’s a total of 100 Swing reps and key exercises; then we do our Circuit followed by 3 x 3 deadlifts for the all-out strength emphasis. Each workout we include a hinge, squat, overhead, push and pull movements to maintain balanced strength with our clients.

3/30/17 THURSDAY 7:30 am & 8:30 am. TRACK at COM track. Shorter / mix of intervals.

6 x 40 meters, 4 x 50 (50), 2 x 100 (100)….

A/B gp:  To rounds:  (2 x 200 (200), 2 x 300 (100), 4 x 400 (2′ or 2 1/2′))

C gp: Two Rounds: ( 2 x 40 meters, 2 x 100 (100), 2 x 150 (50), 1 x 200 (200))

4/1/17 SATURDAY 7:30 am start for HILL REPEATS/ Cross Training at Theological Seminary College off Seminary Drive. Park along Seminary Drive near entry road going into the College grounds and do warm-up run before the HR begin up on the first level 7:30 am.

  1. DB MTN CLIMBERS x 20:

Sprint  –  Short –  1/2 “A”  –  2 x Sprint

2) . DB PLANK ROW R/L x 12:

2 x Short  –  1/2 “A”   –   2 x  Sprint 

3).   KNEE HUGS x 20

1/2 “B” +  Long    –   Sprint  –  Short    –   Sprint

4)  DB BURPEE & PRESS x 8 

2 x Short  –   Sprint   –   1/2 “B” + Long

“Finisher” =  x 20 Ball Slams

4/2/17 SUNDAY. Keeping with the longer trail endurance run of 10-15 miles of over-distance; depending on your mileage base- more if you’re doing 40+ per week.

TIP: Going light on stretching isn’t such a sin, but don’t neglect hip or shoulder mobility. You can learn more from the book I reviewed written by Kelly Starret, Ph.D., “Ready to Run,” or check into his Mobility WOD where he discusses the need for your overall range of mobility and gives detailed help when you need it. The book goes over the twelve checkpoints self-assessment; if you don’t address the imbalances that show up, they’ll catch up with you – it’s usually a setback. Investing a bit of time with mobility drills will pay off for you; recovering from an injury takes more time.

I did a regular stretching program during martial art years ( you don’t want to rip a hamstring executing a roundhouse kick) and it carried over through my running years. In addition, there’s a great deal of hip mobility and side leg strength training; that paid off during the running years.  You will want to focus on shoulder, hip and ankle mobility to avoid setbacks.



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