Week of 4/3/17: Workouts, no Saturday Hill Repeats,

Hi Folks,

updated 4/6/17….Dipsea course Hill Repeats will be held..

Now we’re into April and this weekend I suggest Dipsea runners get in a first practice run to the Rain Forest entrance and back, while I’m away. Let’s see how the power training prepared you for the demands of trail running over a tough course like the Dipsea.

TRAINING TIPS: The goal to improve your own Dipsea performance started back in January, not waiting until May to jump onto the course and get in a few practice runs. That helps, but this is such a demanding course; you’ll realize more potential to hit your best time by building leg strength, then power from March- mid April. I mean training with a goal, not simply “working out”. Building strong legs to handle the up and down on this course with weights, squat work, loaded carries, kettlebell training and hill repeats. Then it’s on with the longer hill intervals with repeats four minute bouts of strong effort. Tire pulls for 100′ sprints finalizes that all-out leg power and wind fitness.

The problem for many who tend to “cram” for Dipsea is to balance training and recovery. It’s not so much overtraining as under-recovery. It’s striking that balance of quality workouts, but allowing the adaptive changes to take place during recovery time so that your legs become stronger – and you recover enough for the next tough workout. This means taking care of yourself with proper sleep (less electronics), maintaining mobility, some stretching,  and foam rolling for the hips and legs are key. Take recovery seriously,  you may hit a plateau because you’re “stale” from lack of recovery.

Paula, Andy, and young Hunter completed their first Spartan Race as a family. A 5K race with a number of obstacles to tackle; with 30 burpees for each station not completed! Could make for a sore day. You have to be all-around fit to do well- a great equalizer and the variety more fun. (right now WordPress is not letting me put up Hunter’s picture)..


Verity Breen continues to do well in her new age div of 50+ by winning it at the Oakland Half Marathon last weekend with a 1:26:03,  4th woman and 29th overall.

Speaking of half marathons, there was a new world record by Jocyciline Jepkosgei, 23 just seven weeks after the previous WR for women, at the 2017 Prague Half Marathon in 64:52!  She’s the first woman to break 65 minutes. An amazing performance when you see the splits: she set records along the way to the half: 5K in 14:53 (WR is 14:46), 10K in 30:04 (31:25 is record), 15K in 43:58, and 20K in 61:25. Her 5K’s were 14:53, 15:11, 15:34, 15:48. Eight women broke 1:10:00: five Kenyans (big surprise), the Jordan Hasay of the U.S. in 67:55; then four more Kenyan women! Hasay will be running Boston and seems to favor the longer distance with better performances than the 1500 or 5,000 which she ran earlier in her career.

The men’s winner Tamirat Tola, ETH won in 59:31. What’s remarkable about this runner is that he right near the top internationally  in three different distances – at the same time. His 10K is 26:57, half- 59:31 and has the Dubai Marathon record in 2:04:11.

MMDR 10K, 5K and Youth Track Races 5/29/17. New: Carrie, who put together the Silent Auction for race day has been gathering a variety of items for the auction; the latest contribution is an ENTRY TO FOR DIPSEA! That should draw interest with two weeks to go! She’s always looking to obtain more items for the auction, so if all of us can bring one to the table; that would help immensely. We have a cabin stay, yoga class, wines and more. Limited only by one’s imagination and and an item runners would enjoy. Check Tamalpa FACEBOOK page for link.

Pencil in on your Calendar of Events the “Stow Lake Stampede 5K” (4/23/17) to set your benchmark 5k time, a predictor 10K (double your 5K, plus one minute) and run with a good number Tamalpa members that day. Please don’t feel intimidated; you’re doing it primarily to establish your own 5K time so you have a guideline for track work. It’s done best in a race environment to bring the best out of you. It’s also good to support the other clubs in the Bay Area who are putting on a race.

4/4/17 TUESDAY 8:45 am TEMPO. Meet at “log cabin”, Tenn Valley Rd. Warm-up run to north end of MV bike path. I’ll be riding along on the bike. You’ll be running .5M Tempo / .5M easy; .5MT/.5E, 1MT/.5ME; .5T-finish to the 4M marker.

4/5/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM Circuit workout and more.

4/6/17 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:30 am starts for TRACK workout at COM. longer intervals this week.( we may get our workout in before the rain hits). “1200 meter breakdown” workout.

A/B gps:  1200 @ 10K GP (400), 1000 @ 5K GP (200), 800 (on 5′ or 5:30), 600 (200), 2 x 400 (2 1/2′), 200 (200).

4/8/17 SATURDAY 7:45 am DIPSEA HILL REPEATS from base of Walsh Drive, Dipsea course (200 yards up from Dipsea Steps). I will be away, but Michelle W and Gayle S will meet those interested in doing the reps as we did last year; they will have the workout. I suggest starting in MV and doing warm-up run up the steps easy and meet at Walsh Drive ( only two parking spots there); so allow time.

4/9/17 SUNDAY….Get in your gentle longer dirt trail distance run for endurance. Get in 10-15 depending on your base/ mileage background. You’ll need those 1:45 – 2 hour runs of background endurance in order to push the 7+ miles of hard effort all the way. OR,

4/9/17 SUNDAY.  9 am. TERRA LINDA SLEEPY HOLLOW 4.6M. S/F at Santa Margarita Elementary School, 1055 Las Ovejas Av, San Rafael. ( Freitas Pkwy, right Del Ganado, L. Ovejas..Has hill with this run ( to be expected). After the run there will be the Tamalpa Awards Breakfast close by at TL Community Center on Del Ganado.

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