Week of 4/17/17: Workouts, Sat Hill Repeats, Stow Lake Stampede 5K on Sunday,

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updated 4/21/18

Remember Boston Marathon was on TV Monday morning! Turns out the weather during the race grew warmer as the morning progressed and it affected Josh and Sammy along with many other runners (over 30,000 running this year). You couldn’t tell if the heat affected the top men and women: they seemed able to hammer the pace, though I’m sure a number fell off the pace.

The experienced Edna Kiplagat, who ran 2:21:52 on the warm day, made her move at 30K (18.6); then with confidence on Heartbreak Hill surged a 5:01 mile (men’s was 5:04)! Mile 22 was 5:09, 23 in 5:09, 24 in 5:02; 35 -40K in 16:02 which is amazing after pounding it out from mile 21 on! I can tell you that she made her move and separated from the pack over a tough section of the race. She ran the second half about two minutes faster than the first half. Jordan Hasay, the American coached by Salazar, ran her debut marathon in a remarkable 2:23 for third place.  She ran negative  half marathon splits  as did Kiplagat with 1:12:33/ 1:10:27 times.

Men’s winner Geoffrey Kirui of Kenya, at 5’3″ and 113 lbs, (the Hans Scmid of Kenya – in size anyway), ran a 2:09:37 with a first half in 64:35. He made his break late in the race (when most difficult): mile 22 in 4:39, M23 in 4:46, M24 in 4:27, mile 25 in 4:49 (a 14:36 5K late in the race!

SAT HILL REPEATS/Cross Training at Seminary are ON (we have over 10 participating).  let me know if you will attend the workout.  After this session and the 5K on Sunday – it’s on Dipsea course and RRGrade until Dipsea race. I’m adjusting the repeats to include more longer hill intervals to better simulate Dipsea.  So far for Sat:  Ashley, Michelle, Abby, A.J. Kallet, Carrie, Lee ( and Grayson), Gerald, Pam, Hans.

This week you’ll get in the scheduled 5K at the Stow Lake Stampede 5K on Sunday, 4/23, put on by the Impala RC. Get in your 5K time trial and then add a longer cool down run through the Park, which is closed to traffic on JFK.  I’ll be there to ride the bike and cheer you all on. Be sure to have your USATF card so that your 5K participation counts and helps with Tamalpa team scoring! Always more fun to run with and for your teammates! And don’t use the excuse, “But I’m not fast enough!” It’s showing up that counts: need 5 or 3 to field a team , depending on the age.

JEANIE SAWAYA ran the Hapalua Half marathon  in Hawaii for 2nd in her 60+ division- which fielded many 60+ women! Congrats!

JUDI SHAFFER and HANS SCHMID at the very hilly, slick (from the rains) tough Lake Sonoma 50 Mile. Hans “Seabiscuit” Schmid won his 75+ division- amazing! He also won a large bottle of wine. Judi ran close to Hans and did another PR with a 12:50, about an hour better and this year well ahead of the 14 hour cut-off time! 

JOSH BORNSTEIN took in the Boston Marathon experience: crowds, the support, excitement and being in one of the “classic” events. A tough day because it became warmer; then hot as the morning went on, but he still ran 2:58:02! That still put him 1194th overall – even in the heat. Illustrates how strong the field is when everyone has to qualify. Open Team scored by TAMALPA for 30th place: MAX KARN – 2:55:39, JOSH BORNSTEIN- 2:58:02, MATT RUSSELL- 2:59:15 for 8:52:56 total. 

SAMMY CREATH ran 3:06:18 and told me that the heat affected her stomach and made for a difficult run – but she persevered to the end! She did say a good number of people dropped out due to the heat and that it was the first warm day back East for running. What I also observed over the years of running Boston, how many of us on the next day had to walk down a set of stairs – backwards! This course is tough on the legs due to pounding the downhills from 17-22 miles after you’ve been “softened”up over the first 16 miles. 

4/18/17 TUESDAY on your own, but get in Hill Repeats because this Sunday  is the 5K in GG Park. Get in 16 reps of various length repeats.

4/19/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM workout with Kees at Warren’s. We continue with the 100 Swing reps & key exercises, followed by a “solid” Circuit of key lifts and Loaded Carries. The workout is then capped off with 3-4 x 3 reps of Deadlifts and foam roller work.

4/20/17 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:45 am starts for TRACK at COM. Part taper for the 5K on Sunday; rest is longer intervals. 6 x 40 meters, 2 x 300 (100).

Taper group: Two rounds of:  (600 (200) @ 5K GP, 200 (200) fast; then 400 ( 2:30), 200 (200) )

Those not racing on Sunday add: Two rounds of ( 1000 (200), 200 (200))

4/22/17 SATURDAY. 7:30 am start. SAT HILL REPEATS/Cross Training at the Theological Seminary College site. Arrive earlier, park along Seminary Drive near the College entry road;  do warm-up run out/back along the Bay on Seminary Drive. Can email me at: coachkeest@yahoo.com; or text:  415-595-1307 if you plan to come..Remember there is the 5K the next day. SO FAR: Ashley, Michelle W, Abby, AJ Kallet, Carrie, Lee M, ( and Grayson), Paula V., Hunter, Judi, Pam

4/23/17 SUNDAY 8:30 am STOW LAKE STAMPEDE 5K, GG Park. Start/Finish is at JFK Drive / Peacock Meadows. near the Arboretum, and tennis courts. Take a right off Park Presidio Blvd right on MLK Drive before you exit the Park; then do a U turn ; then on MLK cross Park Presidio blvd towards Japanese Tea Garden, then left on road behind Academy of Sciences ( I forget the name of it). Go towards tennis courts area and JFK and park along the road. Race course:  lines up on JFK, heads west , loops around Stow Lake and back.

Look forward to seeing you there.



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