Week of 4/24/17: Workouts, MMDR volunteers needed,

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updated 4/26/17…

Yesterday we had a fairly good turnout of Tamalpans running for their age division teams in the Stow Lake Stampede 5K run in GG Park. All the clubs were I took a good many pictures before, during and after the run; but only a few showed up in the camera ( a new mystery). It was fun to watch the race unfold with the lead pack and as they approached the last 1000 meters the field began their final intense surge – to the limit.

It didn’t matter where in the field of the race, the age division battles were just as intense as up in the front. Racing the 5K teaches you to run “on the edge,” at high intensity. The winner put in a final surge with 200 to go and separated himself from second place to finish under 15 minutes. (15:32 is five-minute pace). You can take your 5k time, double it, add a minute and you’ll have a very close estimate for your 10K time; perfect for your focus on the MMDR 10K race on 5/29/17.


Next phase of 5K Training: Benefits your 10K and Dipsea. THURSDAY TRACK marks the beginning of your new pacing times for track workouts after you established your 5K time last Sunday. You’ll run intervals at the NEW , i.e., faster 5K goal pace (GP) for the (600’s, 800’s, 1000’s after you’ve acclimated to that pace with your 400’s).

The idea here is to adapt your leg turnover and fitness with small doses to the new 5K GP pace stress. Meanwhile, you can take your new 5K race time, double it, plus one minute and you’ll have the estimate for your 10K race time. That day is coming up at MMDR 10K on 5/29/17 – our Tamalpa Club hosted run which also serves as the PA 10K Championships.

While you’re working on your new 5K GP, you’ll need to develop or keep the longer run of 10-13 miles to hold the 10K race pace for 6.2 miles. Consistent weekly mileage is still key for distance running success – and avoid the cramming.

HELP NEEDED with handing out MMDR flyers when you go to other races during May. I have flyers: we need to spread the word and encourage entries for our 40th year! Anyone going to 4/30/17 China Camp Half Marathon to run – and then help hand out flyers and put on windshields? ( I am busy all  weekend). Papering windshields, handing out flyers help with obtaining entries for our race (the Club’s main fund raiser); so if many people distribute a few flyers at likely locations and races we will have good number of race entries by May 29th.

Some of the group after the 5K: Lauren (Vicki’s daughter), Vicki, Kristin, Susan, Beth, Patti..

Ho-hum, Jeanie wins her age group again (1:21:50) at the hilly Levi’s Presidio 10 Miler. Carrie (1:25:43) and Lee (1:21:10) with her..


Verity Breen, new to the 50+ bracket set a new 50K CR time of 4:06:58 at the Ruth Anderson Ultra runs last weekend! Way to go Verity! A confidence builder as she points to WS 100. 

4/25/17 TUESDAY. You’re on your own; here are some options. If you raced on Sunday do easy mileage to allow for recovery. If you missed your training on the Dipsea, get in a hilly course on the trails – or Dipsea course.

4/26/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM workout with Kees at Warren’s (148 Madison Av; two blocks up N. San Pedro Rd, 2nd left on Washington, right on Madison). After short warm-up the “100 Swing/Exercises routine” followed by a Circuit with key lifts, loaded carries; then finish with 3-4 x 3 deadlifts.

4/27/17 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:45 starts TRACK at COM track.

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