5/22/17: Workouts, Sat Hill Repeats 5/27; MMDR coming up 5/29/17,

Hi Folks,

updated 5/24/17:  There is interest for having Sat Hill Repeats this Saturday; it will be a strong hill repeat and exercise workout! If we have 6 or more coming; we do – it’s a go! So let me know at coachkeest@yahoo.com or my mobile: 415/595-1307. So far:  Michelle W, Judi S, Abby, Shirley D, Carrie B, Lee M, Grayson, Lisa L, Tim Macarthy, Brian McCurdy, Dominic J, Sabine , 

I’m quite busy with MMDR as this is the last week before the race; it’s on Monday, May 29th and hosted by Tamalpa Runners. Carrie has launched our Silent Auction as part of the fundraising for the Club; I’m anxious to see that gain a foothold this year. She can use donations of wine; contact her at carried young@gmail.com if you can help donate to the auction – with most any creative fun item or experience.

Those of you racing the 10K for your division will have an extra day to taper (Sunday). I encourage you all who are Club members to race for the Tamalpa Teams or help by volunteering so that we host a good race worthy of a 10K Championships. It will take many hands and timing to execute this event properly.

Course monitor work is almost done;  I think Zack Marinez is a Split Timer for Mile 1 and the same person calls out times at Mile 3 (100 yards apart). We can use a Split timer for Mile 5 (about 50 feet west of Bon Air Bridge. Contact Mark Stevens at: mhstevens@comcast.net. Or contact Karen Corral for split timing help: kkathOme@aol.com.  You’ll need your Chronomix mode on your watch; for Miles 1 & 3 probably a bike so you can start it at start and bike it quickly to mile 1 in the first block of Shady Lane; Mile 3 is right on corner of Lagunitas/Shady Ln.You can drive to this spot, though cycling is easier.

5/23/17 TUESDAY 8:30 am (on your own), but do TEMPO pickups on MV bike path.  After warm-up it is 1M Tempo/.5M easy; repeat three times.
5/24/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AVE GYM WORKOUT with Kees at Warren’s (148 Madison Ave; two blocks from the Civic Center; take Washington off N. San Pedro Rd; R. on Madison).

5/25/17 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:45 am Starts or earlier. TRACK at COM. We’ll have some short intervals – and specific 10K pacing practice with our “predicted mile” (prize for the top M/F who can hit their predicted 10K pace time without using a watch, will win an “MMDR pen” and who knows what else); I’ll be giving out the finish times…more to add..

8x 40 meter quick strideouts; 1×200(200),

4x 400 ( on the 2:30), 1x 800 (5:30), then 1x Mile at your proposed goal pacefor 10k- without looking at splits! Punch stopwatch at end and see if you came close to your predicted time.Best mile today was by Dorette who was only 1″ off! 
5/27/17 SATURDAY 7:30 AM start for HILL REPEATS/Cross Training. Seems to be interest for doing a last hill workout, loaded carries, tire pulls. Held as usual at the Theological Seminary College, off Seminary Drive. Park along Seminary Drive, do warm-up run; then go up entry road to where I will have the stations set up. We’l have exercise stations and 20 hill Repeats interspersed in sets of 5. That’s followed by Loaded Carries ( Farmer Carry, Rack Carry, Waiters Carry), and tire pull.

Three of the 15 at the workout getting in a set of DB Plank Rows before continuing with the Hill Repeats. A productive and fun morning!

Then run the trails on Sunday to get in a quality weekend. Or if doing, 10K; run Saturday Hill Repeats, rest Sunday, and race on Monday.

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