Week of 6/5/17: Workouts, track status, Hill Repeats, Dipsea on Sunday

Hi all,

updated 6/9/17: I want to wish all of you a good Dipsea and that you come through it without injury. I look forward to seeing you crest Cardiac and shout out encouragement. Should be a good day.

Looks like we may have some dampness on Sunday; certainly won’t be hot during Dipsea this year!  Tuesday workout changed! I am dropping the Saturday HR for just this week, due to Dipsea the next day.

I’ll be updating as the day goes on; right now have lots of MMDR follow-up to deal with and pursuing what we can about holding TRACK workouts-somewhere. Schools are still in session this week so we won’t have track workouts on Thursday. Then there is Dipsea on the weekend so most of you will be tapering this week.

RESULTS:  There was a new CR record set at MMDR for Women 75-79 by JoAnn Hall in 56:00.

San Diego Marathon had 94 year-old Harriet Thompson, run a 3:42:56! that’s well under 9′ pace; I wonder if that is a typo and should be 4:42:56? If not, that is absolutely remarkable for that advanced age: difficult enough to walk a marathon for an elderly person!

6/6/17 TUESDAY. 9 am. HILL REPEATS . Meet at “log cabin,” Tenn Valley Rd; Alyce requested we do our group workout together if you can make it. I will be there. We’ll modify it a bit, but we’re early in the week enough that you’ll be fine for Dipsea.

6/7/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM workout with Kees at Warren’s.

6/8/17 THURSDAY….no TRACK workout.  get in 3 Miles with a steady 2M after mile warm-up. Before a race the rule of thumb is to cut mileage, keep some tempo; but don’t go out and run 10 minute miles, i.e., go jogging too slowly. Want to feel sharp and fast, not tired from “slogging” a workout.

6/10/17 SATURDAY..NOT not holding Hill Repeats this Sat due to Dipsea: many of the group running the race and would skip the workout.