Week of 7/17/17:Workouts, Saturday Hill Repeats, July 30th party,

Hi Folks,

Judi, Gerald at SF Marathon start. Amazing that Judi is awake after doing Ragnar Relay at Soda Springs area Friday, Saturday; then zip back to Marin!

Above: Kathy Johnson gets to be up front at start for SF Marathon..

updated 7/21/17:  Coming to Saturday Hill Repeats (HR):   Linda M, Dave C, Lisa L, Jeanie S, Linda R, Andy V, Paula V, Hunter V,

Track workout posted for this week: longer intervals with descending ladder format.

A bit late posting today; we’ve just returned from doing the annual ride around Tahoe to celebrate my hip replacement back in 2008. I had Judi Shaffer, Pam Jolliffe, Allen Biggs for company as we rode on a beautiful weather day last Saturday. The ride is always a demanding 73 miles with elevation and altitude – and a bit more traffic than I liked. I think I’d do it next time during mid-June or in September when the crowds are far less.

The ride was capped off with a wonderful swim in the Lake: it was pleasant; I expected cold temperatures after such a deep                                                                                                                                                   snowfall Tahoe had this year (they had 7,000 skiing on July 4th; still skiing last weekend). We made a homemade dinner, watched a bit of the TDF and some Wimbeldon tennis. Always satisfying to do an adventure with friends and bask in the afterglow. All in all a wonderful weekend.

Saturday Hill Repeats workout is on for this weekend.

Looking ahead:   Sunday, July 30th we’ll celebrate my 70th birthday with a workout and gathering at Samuel Taylor Park. I’ve reserved Redwood Grove for 50+ people and 20 vehicles from 8am – 8pm. Gayle Shimokaji and I will lead a short “coffee” bike ride starting at 9:30 am to Pt.Reyes Station and Inverness Park, get coffee and pastry; then back which is about 11 each way. (Those who want to do an extended ride can do so easily; I just need to get back to greet people at ST Park).

The more ambitious members can run or ride and take the steep up trails, e.g., Jenner, to the Bolinas Ridge. The Bolinas Ridge runs north / south and is 11 miles long to the Bolinas Fairfax Road.

We want to be back at Park from noon on to socialize in this beautiful spot. Samuel Taylor Park offers variety of activities for kids and adults. There is the creek for kids, a 3.5M bike path through the Redwoods for biking or walking; which can be extended to Rafter Bridge direction (easterly) also. I suggest we all bring our own lunches because an accurate head count will be difficult; we’ll have some items to share.

7/18/17 TUESDAY …( on own) I suggest a TEMPO workout with some buddies. After the warm-up run do:  3 x .5M Tempo / 3 x .5M Easy jog; followed by 1M Tempo to 4M finish line.

7/19/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am. MADISON AV GYM WORKOUT with Kees at Warren’s. Variation of lift to be introduced this week.

7/20/17 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:30 am TRACK at TL or Mill Valley facility  ( will not be there as I have doctor appointment that morning). Longer Interval descending ladder. After warm-up run, 6 x 40 meter stride-outs. Then 2X:

A/B gps: ( 1000 (200), 600 (200), 400 (2 1/2′), 200 (200))

C gp:  Two rounds: ( 200 (200), 2 x 150 (50), 2 x 100 (100), 4 x 50 (50))

7/22/17 SATURDAY 7:30 am Start for HILL REPEATS/Cross Training. Held at Theological Seminary College off Seminary Drive. Park along Seminary Drive main road near entrance to the Seminary area; do your warm-up loop a bit after 7 am and then jog up entry road to first level where I have the fitness stations set up for the workout. Text me if you are coming; fee is $5 for workout (gets us more equipment)…

So far: Linda M, Dave C, Lisa L, Jeanie S, Andy V, Paula V, Hunter V, Linda R,

  1. Two Times: (  Mtn Climbers x 10 and Thrusters x 8)

2 x Sprint – 1/2 “B” + Long – Short

2. DB Plank Row R/L x 12

Short – 1/2 “A” – 2 x Sprint – Short

3. Dual Grip Ball Ab Crunches x 20

Short – 2 x Sprint – Long – Sprint

4. Dual Grip Ball Jacks x 15

3 x Sprint – 2 x Short

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