Week of 7/24/17: Workouts, 70th Celebration on Sunday,

Hi Folks,

updated 7/27/17:  Head Coach Warren Lanier of Terra Linda is looking for one of our runners, or one you might know, who would like to head the XC  Running Program for the Fall (starting late August). That is take it, develop the program for the boys and girls program. Here is the request from coach Warren:

Hello Runners,

Terra Linda HS is currently in search of new Cross Country coaches (Head and Assistant). If you know of any passionate distance coaches looking to mentor athletes and build a program please have them contact Warren Lanier at 858*342*1541.

Thank You.

Warren  – (858) 342-1541

updated 7/25/17: I will miss Wednesday’s gym workout, but the Circuit cards are there.

On a very sad note: I learned that one of our dear running and Triathlon group, SARAH MCMOYLER, passed away recently after a yearlong bout with cancer. Sarah had a sparkle, zest for life and always totally involved with our workouts and adventures. 

Years ago Sarah called me out of the blue from Benicia to ask to prepare her for Paris Marathon: that was the beginning of a delightful relationship. 

She ended up moving to Marin, continued with her McMoyler Method for child birth business and got to know so many Tamalpans. Above she is pictured with her sons, and  running a race. 

She touched us all with her vitality. We will miss her! 

Above is a picture of Judi and Gerald prior to the start of the SF Half Marathon. Meanwhile Verity Breen won her 50+ division in the marathon with a 3:20:21. Meanwhile, the same morning in the same race, running downhill late into marathon, Kathy Johnson took a tumble, found herself on the ground with scraped limbs and a “How did I end up down here so quickly,?” But she picked herself up, banged up and all (not really knowing the extent of her injuries), struggled through- and finished the darn thing (3:39). After the race medics did what they could she went to hospital and found she might have a fracture of the forearm in addition to bad elbow scrape injuries…

All the race photos are up on FB before I get them! You are all so quick; it’s old news by the time they get on the blog. Not sure if I need to repeat posting them here in future.


Looking ahead:   SUNDAY, JULY 30th we’ll celebrate my 70th birthday with either a run or short bike trip and gathering at Samuel P Taylor Park. I’ve reserved Redwood Grove for 50+ people and 20 vehicles from 8am for the day.

About 8:40 am Dominic Johnson and others will go for a run. If you would like to run at that time; join right in. Others can go in small groups later in the morning. ( Note: I am bringing  two 2.5 gallons of STARBUCKS coffee in the morning for the group;  for before and after the run).

Gayle Shimokaji, Michael and I will lead a short “coffee” bike ride starting at 9:30 am to Pt.Reyes Station and Inverness Park, get coffee and pastry; then back which is about 11 each way. (Those who want to do an extended ride can do so easily; I need to be back before noon as we fire up the BBQ pits for the chicken and sausages).

The more ambitious members can run or mtn bike ride and take the steep up trails, e.g., Jenner, to the Bolinas Ridge. The Bolinas Ridge runs north / south and is 11 miles long to the Bolinas Fairfax Road.

We want to be back at Park from noon on to do the BBQ, lunch and socialize in this beautiful spot. Samuel Taylor Park offers variety of activities for kids and adults. There is the creek for kids, a 3.5M bike path through the Redwoods for biking or walking; which can be extended to Rafter Bridge direction (easterly) also for another 1.5 miles.

I suggest we all bring our own lunches and something to share. We’ll provide the BBQ items. Others can bring refreshments; all in all a traditional running club potluck.

7/25/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am. MADISON AV GYM workout without Kees at Warren’s. I will miss the workout: Sandy and I need to take Andre to his surgeon’s appointment by 10 am. The workout Circuit Cards are at the gym.

7/26/17 THURSDAYTRACK at either Tam HS, or Terra Linda HS . on own. Shorter intervals this week with a 5K pace 1200 practice after the 400’s. This will help simulate the last push on a 5K or 10K so you end up with a negative split race.  After the 1.5M warm-up run, 2 x 100 (100) stride-outs and 6 x 40 meter quick cadence pick-ups:

9 x 400 (on the 2:30 or 3:00);  then a 1200 at 5K GP.

Watch the pacing on the 400’s: just under 5K GP. They should feel controlled at high aerobic effort with more in the tank because after 6 reps  the work effort begins to accumulate; then you still have the 1200 to run!

Some opt to take an extra 30″ rest after the 9th 400, but don’t go over a minute or you won’t be simulating the fatigue of that point in a 5K race.

Follow with a cool down half mile and stretching and hip mobility work.


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