Week of 7/10/17: Workouts, TCRS Friday night!, July 30th daytime party for my 70th

Hi Folks,

UPDATED 7/13/17:  Remember there is the Friday TCRS Golf and Run competition on Friday…Some of you may want to skip the Th Track workout to allow enough rest for the Friday fun afternoon competition and dinner. (See Tamalparunners.org). It will be 6:30 pm at McInnis Golf Park with dinner at 7:30 pm.

July 30th info below ( this may be a maybe: more to come)

A busy week  coming up for some of us, including my Saturday ride around Tahoe to celebrate the hip replacement (2008) and birthday: a fun tradition. So NO Satuday Hill Repeats this week. However, the Tuesday and Thursday workouts continue this month, even without me being there: many folks in our workout groups are vacationing during July and August. I will likely be at TL on Thursday morning.

Build the base during the summer months: A productive goal for the summer is to get in four days per week running: a rest day and two days of strength training and stretching. The weather is in your favor, good daylight in morning and evening for safe running. You can skip racing in during the hotter months, but get in the mileage. Doesn’t have to be high mileage, just consistent.

The week may look like this: TuThSatSun for running and/or cycling; one day rest, and two days of strength training with stretching and foam rolling work. How many of you can say you got in eight weeks of consistent training without interruption?

Get in a solid two to three months of consistent running or cycling and watch your time goals improve down the road . Some 25 – 35 miles per week will pay off. Nothing fancy; just be consistent, take care of your legs and maintain a balanced exercise program so when it’s time to up the volume of quality training you’ll suffer no setbacks. I’ll have Hill Repeats two Saturdays per month. Keep a diary and see how it goes for the summer.

Allen, Pam, Judi on a good weather day for ride around Tahoe. We celebrated my hip replacement that I had done in 2008. The star of the day was Pam: she hadn’t ridden in a year, rode 53 with Gerald and I on Tuesday, around Paradise on Thursday with a friend; then did the 73 around Tahoe Saturday! Remarkable.

LOOKING AHEAD- to JULY 30th: Let’s get our workout group members together and Tamalpans that day to celebrate my 70th at Samuel Taylor Park which offers a variety of outing options for all who come. I reserved the Redwood Grove section from 8 am – 8pm, for up to 80 people, but it covers  only 20 cars; any more pay regular Day Fee. If people can carpool that will help. People can stagger their time to join in throughout the

My daughter, Annelies, is coming down from Montana to join us as is son Andre and wife Rosy along with other friends of the family. I suggest everyone bring their own lunch to keep it simple; we’ll bring some main items, however.

The ST area has a 3.5M bike path that’s beautiful for walk or ride- no car traffic. Also heading in easterly direction is 1.5M dirt fire road to Shafter Bridge. People can continue past the bike path to Platform Road or Olema and beyond. I’ll suggest a starting time of probably 9 am for a short ride; others can start later, or come during the afternoon….more to come.

7/11/17 TUESDAY…4-8 miles of steady mileage, preferably on dirt terrain.

7/12/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM workout with Kees at Warren’s.After 5 x 20 Swings interspersed with exercises after the warm-up; then a Circuit for 35″ on/ 25″ to mover to next station and have slight recovery 1) KB Sumo Deadlift, 2) Inverted Row on Rings, 3) BB Wipers,  4) L. first 3/4 Get-Up.  5)  R.  first 3/4 Get-Up.   6) DBL KB Front Squats.,   7) DB Plank Row, 8) KB Rack Carry,   9)  KB Waiters Walk. ( I change it each week).

The Circuit is followed with TrapBar Deadlifts or BB Deadlifts 3 – 4 x 3 reps – heavy, i.e., low volume, high weight, but under control and with good form. They do stretching and foam rolling in between sets.

Even once per week the dividends show up.

7/13/17 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:30 am TRACK at either Terra Linda HS or Tam HS – whichever is closer. After the 1.5-2M warm-up run, 6 x 40 meter pickups and 2 x 100 (100):

A/B gps:   Two rounds of:  2 x 200 (200), 2 x 300 (100), 2 x 400 (2 1/2′). After an easy 200 recovery jog to the 200 meter mark, begin your 1000 @ 5K race pace.

C gp:  Two rounds:   (2 x40 meters, 2 x 100 (1000), 2 x 150 (50), 1 x 200 (200))



Week of 7/3/17: Change in schedule for July-August; workouts

Hi Folks,

UPDATED 7/7/17:  Okay HILL REPEATS are on for SATURDAY 7:30 am:  Judi, Linda, Hans, Lisa, Pam, Richard,  Sabin and more.

UPDATE 7/6/17:  let me know if you want HILL REPEATS and cross training workout this Saturday; we’ll 6 or more to participate ( coachkeest@yahoo.com or text 1-415-595-1307).

Happy fourth! Looks like extra days off for most of us with the Fourth landing on a Tuesday.  You can look at last week’s post for the details regarding my not attending the Track workouts during July and August. Many folks are taking vacation breaks, trying to stick close to home for workouts to avoid traffic, i.e., at Tam HS and Terra Linda tracks. When there only three or fewer people at the sessions it’s not as much fun for those in the group. Those are  using auto monthly pay remember to put a temporary stop on payments.

I will be writing up the workouts, continue with Saturday and RRGrade workouts. Be sure to check the blog to see if the Saturday HR or RRGrade are scheduled –  and let me know if you will be attending. It will be a go if we have 6 or more participants. Sandy and I will also be in and out of town during July and August.

7/4/17 TUESDAY. 8:45 am ( on your own) Can meet at “log cabin”, Tenn Valley; run to parking lot, do 2:30 up Monticello Grade/Hill, down and then continue on to end of pavement section and head back. Take a second run up Monticello for 2:00 push; go down and then return to log cabin.

b 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM workout at Warren’s with Kees. Strength building and balanced muscle development are the focus.

7/6/17 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:30 am. TRACK at Tam HS and Terra Linda HS. After the usual warm-up, 6 x 40 meters:  Two rounds of:

A/B gps: (2 x 200 (200), 4 x 400 (2 1/2′ or 3′), 1 x 600 (200)).

C gp:  2 x 40, 4 x 50 (50), 2 x 100 (100), 2 x 40, 2 x 150 (50).


7/8/17 SATURDAY 7:30 am Start for HILL REPEATS/Cross Training. At Theological Seminary off Seminary Drive as usual. Park along road near entry road up to the Theological Seminary College. Do your warm-up about 7 am; then jog up entry road where i will have exercise stations set up.