Week of 8/21/17: Workouts, Saturday Hill Repeats,

Hi Folks,

Let me know if you are coming to Saturday Hill Repeats..

updated 8/23/17: A little change for the TH workout to make the 400’s more challenging – to develop leg strength and wind. I will be at TL track for only the 7:30 group to help with the workout and to touch base; then take Sandy for training ride by mid-morning.

I’ll be getting back into the routine this week after the break in Montana. We will not have COM Track begin until September; we’ll see how the construction is coming along this week. Meanwhile Frank has his Tuesday nights at Terra Linda track or follow the workouts post for track day.

Just got back to better wifi connection to begin this week’s post. A short break from checking emails and laptop activity is a good thing. It’s interesting to see how the grandkids fare when they are not electronically connected for a while: they want that fix! But their world does continue and the kids find more outdoor activities to do, Cribbage and other games come out of the closet do with the family.

We’ll be coming home very late Monday night! Meanwhile it will be interesting to see the eclipse today while in Montana (peaks at 11:31 am here). One famous astronomer (  I forget his name right now) suggested not to worry about looking at the eclipse, but to look around you as the landscape scene changes and take in that experience. That’s the one you’ll remember.

Thoroughly enjoyed by stay in Montana by Swan River next to Big Fork and Flathead Lake. The Swan River provided “refreshing” swimming with daughter in-law, Rosy getting some half mile and miles swims. It also turns out there are some terrific safe, low traffic country roads for cycling with the towering mountains close by.

The week was capped off with a bike ride up the spectacular “Going to the Sun Road” in West Glacier to Logan Pass: one for the bucket list! It took about eleven years to build this 30 mile road through sheer rock, steep terrain, and weather during the early 1900’s (can read more online: quite a remarkable engineering feat). The ride starts in Apgar Campground, West Glacier, goes past beautiful Lake McDonald with a gradual incline for 14 miles. Then the last 16 miles stays at a steady 6% grade along the sheer cliffs with awesome views of the Glacier Park mountains! I’m sure most of you have visited Glacier on this remarkable route and seen the spectacular scenery.

They allow cyclists to go up early in the morning but must be off the road between 11 am – 4 pm. I took the cool 6:30 am start because of my slower pace and time for taking photos (others I read online do it in 1.5 hours for the main section; I need a bit over 2 hours time). The top of Logan Pass is some 30 miles into the ride and you’re treated great views to the west and east sides of the pass. During the ride up the weather was already changing and clouding up with temperatures dropping. After reaching the top I quickly put on warm gloves, a windbreaker and leggings for the 18 mile ride down to the east side and St. Mary’s. During the spectacular descent I passed the 10 mile long St. Mary’s Lake on the way to the Glacier Park’s east entrance by St. Mary’s. One has to be prepared for sudden weather changes in the mountains so I suggest taking along a small backpack with the essentials – including enough water.

8/22/17 TUESDAY...on your own today; I’ll be recovering. Good day for TEMPO on the bike path with 3 x mile (.5M easy jog recovery).

8/23/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am. MADISON AV GYM Workout with Kees at Warren’s. After your usual mobility warm-up we do our 100 Swings/exercise routine, followed by the Circuit. That’s capped off with 3-4 sets of 3 deadlifts.

8/24/17 THURSDAY. 7:30 am TRACK is not yet going at COM: I’ll be checking if we can start up in September. Check here regarding workout. Today mixing up a bit of strength work with the 400’s; good for XC season which begins soon. After the 1.5M warm-up, the 6 x 40 meters and 1 x 200 (200).

A/B: 3 x 400 (on 2:30), 1 x 600 (200) @ 5K pace..Then :

3 Burpees followed by 400 (2:30), during the rest period before the next 400 – do 8 squats then the 400 on the 2:30; then 12 Mtn Climbers followed by 400 on the 2:30. Then a final 600 (200) at 5K pace.

8/26/17 SATURDAY 7:30 am. HILL REPEATS/Cross Training at Theological Seminary College location off Seminary Drive. Arrive and park along Seminary Drive near the college entrance about 7 am to do your warm-up run. I’ll have the exercise stations set up at the first cross street off the entry road into the college. Be ready to go at 7:30 am. The workout will include 4 exercise stations and sets of 5 hill repeats for a total of 20 hill repeats – to be completed within a half hour.

This is followed by the very productive Loaded Carries and two tire pulls.Remember “Time Under Tension” (TUT) is key ingredient for developing the posture strength and all-out fitness you need to maintain form during your runs and tris late in the game.

So far coming: Judi S, Lisa L, Andy V, Paula V, Hunter V, Ashley Mc, Gerald A,



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