Week of 9/25/17: Workouts, Sat Hill Repeats…

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updated 9/27/17:

> We will have Tuesdsay, hill work from “log cabin”; meet at 8:30 am (can’t go earlier due to meetings held there before our workout)…Get going by 8:40.

Berlin Marathon was the featured race on Sunday that included just about the three top marathoners in the world: Kipchoge, Kipsang, Bekele. I remembered to tape it. Unfortunately, there was a rain storm the night before the race that continued with rain the morning of the race make for puddles and slippery conditions that were accentuated through the many turns in the course; especially at their 4:40 pace. it may seem a small factor, but making many turns on a slippery road keeps tweaking your leg muscles which affect performance.

Kipchoge knew it there would be no WR after 5K into the marathon. He ended up battling with debut marathoner, Guye Adola from Ethiopia. Adola, the surprise runner of the race made it a serious race vs Kipchoge and ended up setting the fastest time for a first-time marathoner in 3:04:46; Kipchoge took the win in 2:03:32.

9/26/17 TUESDAY 8:30 am HILL REPEATS/mileage. Meet at “log cabin”, Tenn Valley road.

9/27/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM CIRCUIT workout with Kees at Warren’s

9/28/17 THURSDAY...TRACK on your own, though there are a few of the group meeting in the morning (about 8:30, I believe) at Tam HS track. After the 1.5M warm-up run, 4 x 40 meters, 2 x 100 (100) stride-outs:

Two Rounds of:  (1,000 (200), 600 (200), 400 (2:30), 2 x 200 (200))

9/30/17  SATURDAY. 7:30 am. SATURDAY Hill Repeats/Cross Training. Held at Seminary College off Seminary Drive. Arrive around 7 am, park along Seminary Drive near the entry road into the college. Do your warm-up run, then run up the entry road to the first level where I’ll have the exercise stations set up. We’ll have a total of 4 exercise stations interspersed with a total of 20 hill repeats. This will be followed by Loaded Carries and tire pulls.

10/1/17  SUNDAY….time to get in a steady trail run.

Week of 9/18/17: Workouts, Saturday Hill Repeats, TCRS#8 on Sunday

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updated 9/21/17:

Coming up this weekend:  Three of the world’s best marathoners will compete this Sunday in the Berlin Marathon:  Wilson Kipsang, Kenenisa Bekele, and Eluid Kipchoge (of the Nike Sub-Two Hour Project where he ran 2:00:25). They’ve stated in advance that they’ll go after the Marathon WR. Should be one heck of a race; I admire competitors who put it out there in advance and go for it!

The Chicago Marathon featuring Galen Rupp will also take place this weekend though he’ll have several runners to push him to his limit.

updated 9/20/17: COM TRACK UPDATE. Looks like the work that was supposed to be done at COM track area by 8/28/17 hasn’t gone out to bid yet! This will mean we won’t be using the track area for a long time – and it’s completely fenced off to the public. We’ll check on the timeline once bids have been finalized. This could also affect MMDR track area use if construction doesn’t begin until late this year, or even well into 2018.

> Perhaps we can consider meeting at one of the HS tracks on two alternate Saturdays per month for a TRACK WORKOUT. Let me know if this appeals to the group members. Or, two Thursday mornings at Tam HS track. It’s also a question of dealing with local traffic to get to the workout sites. I know this is a significant factor.

> Possible TUESDAY run workouts: Let me know if you would like to hold Hill Repeats twice per month at our Tenn. Valley “log cabin” location. It would give us an opportunity to run together for a spark to your training.

> Saturday Hill Repeats  are on. Let me know by Thursday night so I have a head count. SO FAR: Gerald A, Sammy, Carrie B, Grayson B, Gayle, Kathleen H, Alyesha H, Lisa L, Linda M   There is also the Sunday TCRS#8 5.5M run on Crown Road. You can do both workouts to acclimate to running on Sunday with tired legs or pick one event.

Back after a 17 hour day on Sunday with the EdiblePedal100 on the East side of the Sierras. Start the ride early in the morning, complete tough courses then drive home. Both the 54 miler and 100 milers are quite challenging and I’m proud that Sandy and Kathi finished the ride: their longest and most difficult to boot. Take a look on Strava for the profile of the Kingsbury Grade heading from East to West followed by the climb up to Spooner Summit from Cave Rock to the top followed by the long downhill to Carson area with the Start/Finish at Bowers Mansion. Quite a day.

I was impressed by the climbing pace that the women and Masters men could maintain up Kingsbury (humbling at times). For example, after the ride I met Mike Wheeler ( I’ve timed him during the 1970’s and ’80’s at the road races) a former 31 minute 10K and 69′ half marathoner who switched to cycling after his running years – and before he trashed his legs. A smart move to preserve his orthopedic health. I see more and more former athletes switching to cycling, rowing and other non-impact sports to avoid breakdown and still enjoy training and competing. He’s in his 60’s and pushed up the Grade an hour faster than I could do it! He also told me he had the satisfaction beating out a young buck rider who tried to pass him repeatedly after seeing Mike had grey hair! We never stop competing!

Then I see in the news today that British cyclist, Mark Beaumont, cycled ( on a Dutch bike, of course) around the world (18,007 miles) in 78 days, 14 hours, 40 minutes breaking the old record of 123 days. He cycled 240 miles per day riding 16 hours per day in the saddle – and at a good pace. Remarkable! In addition, the logistics, planning every mile of the way and dealing with setbacks were extremely challenging: it took a crew of forty and financing to pull the trip off successfully.

9/19/17 TUESDAY ...Get in a Tempo workout today ( Hill workout on Saturday). After a mile warm-up get in 5′-4′-3”2′ pickups interspersed with about 2′ recovery jogs.

9/20/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM WORKOUT with Kees at Warren’s.

9/21/17 THURSDAY’s track workout ( no COM track yet)…If there is no track available do the workout by time intervals or attend Frank’s Tuesday night workouts. For our readers who are near a track in Marin and outside of the County: after the 1.5M warm-up, 6 x 40 meters do

Two rounds of:( 200 (200), 400 (on 2:30), 600 (200), 1000 (200))

9/23/17 SATURDAY 7:30 am HILL REPEATS/Cross Training at Seminary College site. Let me know if you want to join in.

so far: Gerald A, Sammy, Carrie B, Gayle S, Kathleen H, Alyesha H, Lisa L, Linda M,

9/24/17 SUNDAY 9 am TCRS #8 CROWN ROAD 5.5M. Check out Tamalparunners.org for details..A good opportunity to get in a Tempo run after Saturday HR.

Looking Ahead:   Phil Ortese, our TCRS coordinator has the MARIN MOONLIGHT RUN 5K/10K on Friday, 10/6/17 at 8 pm. it is by the SF Bay Trail at Hamilton.  7:50 pm for 5K ($35);  8 pm for 10K ($45); under 18 is 25. See  urbancoyoteracing.com for more.


Week of 9/11/17: Ground Zero, Workouts, no Sat Hill Repeats

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We’re all reminded of the tragedy that took place in NYC with the terrorist attack on the Towers years ago. Sandy and I made the important visit last year to Ground Zero – very impressive and sobering. If you come to NYC definitely come to Ground Zero, the Pools of Tears – and allow 4-6 hours to see the museum (underground), the Occulus, and the skyscraper One World Tower for a view of the entire city from 100th floor. Very worthwhile and the Memorial will ensure this tragedy will not be forgotten!

Last weekend Judi Shaffer and Linda Munk participated in the Santa Cruz Half Ironman – with a change. They had to delay and shorten the Swim course due to very low persistent fog which reduced visibility. The delay certainly made for a warmer and humid run later in the day. Both had terrific bike legs that went from Santa Cruz to Pigeon Point and back over flat and rolling hills terrain. Linda averaged a very strong 19.3 mph (2:54:01) for the 56 mile distance; Judi bettered her pace from last year with a strong 17.4 mph. They finished 5:27:46 and 6:57:16 respectively. A good day.

We will be away this weekend for the Ediblepedal100 ride near Lake Washoe area; so no Saturday Hill Repeats. I do suggest that those of you building up for the half or full marathon get in the RRGrade Run workout; perhaps from Mt Home Inn. Then from top go back down to West Point Inn, right down Stagecoach Grade to Mt Theatre, Miners Trail down to Pantoll. From there to top of Cardiac, a short 100 yards down Cardiac, left on TCC a wonderful soft trail to Rattlesnake Rock; then Troop 80 back to Mtn Home Inn.

RESULTS:  Santa Cruz Half Ironman was held last Sunday and completed by Linda Munk and Judi Shaffer. They’ve posted pictures on FB on race day. The swim portion was delayed to very low fog hindering visibility; that made for a much warmer run later that day! They both had good bike legs with Linda averaging some 19.2 mph over the rolling hills course while Judi beat last year’s average with 17.4 mph. Linda completed it in 5:27:46 (6th in age gp); Judi in 6:57:16. Congrats to both!

9/12/17 TUESDAY...solid mileage day of 4-8 miles depending where you are with weekly mileage.  They are working on the MV bike path; will be wonderful to have that back in action for our Tempo Runs.

9/13/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM workout with Kees at Warren’s.

9/14/17 THURSDAY …your track workout will emphasize the shorter intervals. Try and do the early in the morning to avoid the heat. After the 1.5M warm-up, 6 x 40 meters, 2 x 100 (100):

2 Rounds of:  2 x 200 (200), 2 x 300 (100), 4 x 400 (2:30)…Do the 400’s at slightly faster than 5K pace….Take a few minutes to stretch and do some mobility exercises.