Week of 10/30/17: Workouts, Sunday, 11/5/17 “The Johnny Lawson XC Challenge

Hi folks,

Looks like Fall hits this week and we’ll be hosting our Fall cross country on Sunday with “The JOHNNY” right in our backyard at Miwok Meadows in China Camp area. There will be three races: Women at 9 am; Master Men at 10 am, and Open Men at 11 am. A good number of the running clubs from around the entire Bay Area will participate here. It’s fun to see all the club colors and camaraderie at this event.  This race on the PA Cross Country Circuit is put on by Tamalpa Runners I encourage our group members to either race on the Tamalpa teams or help by volunteering on the course, at reg or the finish line ( see Tamalparunners.org and Signmeupgenius.com). I’ll be heading up the timing portion.

One of the best exercises to develop a strong “General Effect” for any sport is the Kettlebell Turkish Get Up (TGU). This exercise yields terrific body strength, mobility, balance of the upper and lower body that helps to improve all sports. You’ve heard me sing the praises of the TGU because it  develop strong shoulder stability, body mobility, leg strength and that the TGU does 100% activation of all four core muscle groups.

10/31/17 TUESDAY 8:30 am TEMPO RUN with Kees. Meet “log cabin”  off Tenn Valley Rd. We’ll have the 1.5M warm up run to the north end of the MV bike path as usual; then it’s a series of Tempo intervals alternated with .5M easy recovery sections. Workout:  .5T/.5E; 1.0T/.5E; .5T/.5E; .5T to Mile 4 marker.

11/1/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM WORKOUT with Kees at Warren’s. A life changing workout as usual with KB Swings, Barbell, dumbbell, dual grip ball, loaded carries and Prowler Sled push training.

11/2/17 THURSDAY ..on own TRACK Workout. ( I have meeting in East Bay.). Intervals this week will be a repeat of what I have the group do before major races; it consists of reduced volume so you come away feeling sharp and energized – and that you could have done much more. The other workout iI like s the “Alternating 400’s” for 2 to 2.5M: it’s continuous, but short. This week:

3 x (400 (on 2 1/2′) @ just under 5K pace;  200 (200) @ mile pace))

2 x ((600 (200) @ 5K pace, 200 (200))

1 x 400 (2 1/2′), 200 (200)

11/5/17 SUNDAY 9 am – 10 am – 11 am. The JOHHNY LAWSON XC CHALLENGE, 4+ Miles. Miwok  Meadows in China Camp. See Tamalparunners.org for details. Come out and run or volunteer: it’s a Tamalpa event!

Week of 10/23/17: Workouts, Saturday Hill Repeats,

Hi Folks,

Updated 10/26: Changing Saturday Hill Repeats time to 7:45 am Start – due to several items. Let me know if you are participating by Friday.

The air has cleared and people running, cycling and swimming again. It’s a good week to get in solid training for the Johnny Lawson XC race on 11/05/17. Next Tuesday (10/31/17) we’ll have you put in a Tempo run on the newly paved MV-Sausalito bike path; this week get a solid mileage day…We will have Saturday Hill Repeats / Cross Training, (10/28/17) and with a bit later start because it’s dark early in the morning; we’ll start the main workout at 7:45 am ( warm-up at 7:15 am). Next week after Daylight Savings we probably go back to the 7:30 am start.

10/24/17 TUESDAY …Get in steady mileage run over tolling terrain; then we’ll hook up next week for the Tempo run.

10/25/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM workout with Kees at Warren’s. We’ll do our 100 Kettlebell Swings routine followed by the Circuit and Deadlifting.

10/26/17 THURSDAY...on own. TRACK Workout.This week a ladder routine that ends with the longer interval to help simulate working the last kilometer of a race. 1.5M warm-up, 4 x 40 meter pickups, 2 x 100 (100); then:

Two Rounds: ( 200 (200)@ mile pace; 400 @ sub 5K GP (2 1/2), 600 @ sub 5K GP (200), 1000 @ 5K pace (200))

10/28/17 SATURDAY 7:45 AM Start for SATURDAY HILL REPEATS/ Cross Training at Seminary College off Seminary Drive in Mill Valley. Park near the entry into the Seminary College about 7:15 am and get in your warm-up run; then run up the entry road to where I’ll have the exercise stations set up. ($5 drop-in fee; wee buy more weights). Be ready! let me know by Thursday night if you’re joining in on the workout. So Far:

Kevin P, Lisa L, Dave C., plus new person or two, Carrie B, Grayson, Jeanie, Hans,

  1. DB MANMAKERS x 6:

Short   –  2 x Sprint  –   Long  –   Sprint 


Sprint  –  1/2 “A”   –   2 x Short  –   Sprint


2 x Short  –   2 x Sprint  –   1/2 “B”


2 x Short  –  1/2 “A”   –  2 x Sprint





Week of 10/16/17: Workouts, Tuesday HR, Possible Hill Repeats Saturday

Hi Folks,

Updated 10/19/17..

Updated 10/17/17: Hill Repeats/Cross Training are cancelled for Saturday. I have a conflicting function that same morning. I just found out!

Updated 10/16/17 – CORRECTION:  A word of encouragement to the group – give our local XC race a go, NOT this Sunday, but on 11/5/17! . That’s right a trail run, many clubs participating with a good deal of running clubs spirit, unlike a typical road race. The Johnny Lawson Challenge, 4+ miles (11/5/17) will held locally at Back Ranch Meadows in China Camp with three race starts:  9 AM – Women’s race, 10 AM – Masters Men,  and at 11 AM – the Open Men’s race ( with Daylight Savings switch you have extra hour!). The more club members from Tamalpa the better: the camaraderie is a kick. And, please don’t think you have to be “fast”, just come out and get in a nice dirt run, gain experience, and enjoy the atmosphere! Heck you all have no problem entering Dipsea; this is heck of a lot easier. However, I think a number of the runners find that clubs come to race – “It isn’t a fun run”, but can be and that’s okay. You can still enjoy the old fashioned XC racing.

ALSO, Tamalpa does NEED COLUNTEERS to help with the race! So if you aren’t racing, come help make it happen ( SignUpGenius.com). Sandy and I will be working race day reg and finish line timing

After these surreal couple of weeks the air is starting to clear, though the Santa Rosa fires are still a threat there and over the Wine Country to Berryessa. Absolutely devastating as I’m sure you’ve all seen on the news. It seems the best way to help now is donating money to sites that help the victims and gift cards so people can meet their needs.  I send support to the RedCross and Salvation Army.

10/17/17 TUESDAY 8:30 am. HILL REPEATS from “log cabin” of Tenn Valley Rd. We’ll mix it up along with some mileage. I think the air quality should be safe to conduct the workout.

10/18/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM WORKOUT with Kees at Warren’s.

10/19/17 THURSDAY, 8:30 am …TRACK. There will be a few of the group showing up and we’ll focus long intervals so Marlene gets in a workout appropriate for NYCM. Do 3-4 x 1600 (400) @ 10K pace. This will also be good workout as we point to the Johnny Lawson XC Challenge on 11/5/17.

10/21/17 SATURDAY….The HILL REPEATS are cancelled due to a conflicting function I have at the same time.

RESULTS: Last weekend was the Amsterdam Marathon which produced excellent times with the best depth in a European marathon. Five runners broke 2:06:00, 8 – under 2:08:00, 14- under 2 10:00. You can also see a clip of the last 5K where three men were pushing the envelope to the finish.

WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS KONA IRONMAN was held last Sunday under the usual tough heat and humidity conditions that the Hawaii location offers. Patrick Lange of Germany set a new CR of 8:01:39 that included a fast bike split of 4:28 and a 2:39:59 marathon. Amazing in that heat!


10/21/17 SUNDAY 9 AM. THE JOHNNY LAWSON CHALLENGE 4.8M, At Miwork Back Ranch Meadows, China Camp. Three races…If not racing please contact Tamalpa, Lillie or Verity  to help put on the race! TamalpaRunners.org and SignUpGenius.com.


Matt Fitzgerald, a well-known running coach at age 46 ran a good marathon(around 2:40) after training with elite runners in Flagstaff, Arizona and picked up some good tips – for all of us. Briefly some bullet points:

  1. Work on your mobility and strength. Do your running drill forms, roller work and massage if you have access to it when training volume is high. I’ve noticed that when I have upped the mileage cycling or running, I need to be consistent with the stretching, ball and foam rolling to keep legs and hips loose.When we up our training volume muscles shorten and ROM is reduced; need to counter that with consistent maintenance work.
  2. Most of the training consists of easy runs (80%). Remember speed can lead to injuries if not kept to 10-20% of your weekly mileage. Overall consistency is more the key.
  3. Listen to your body. When the legs are tired and need a break – take it! Mileage while dragging tail is not productive. Once does have to distinguish between “being lazy” and overtraining. It’s probably time to take a break, or back-off on the mileage if you feel stale and without enthusiasm for going out to the training.
  4. Train with partners. This is a huge help for all of us with being consistent and enthusiasm. Anytime the going is tough, your buddies help you get through the run.