Week of 10/9/17: Workouts, Saturday Circuit Training and Loaded Carries, No TCRS Sunday

Hi Folks,

Changes for Saturday and Sunday

Updated 10/13/17:  Canceling Saturday Hill Repeats due to air quality for most of the group.  I am holding a Circuit and more at Warren’s instead at  8:30 am on Saturday morning.

Also TCRS for Sunday is canceled this week.

10/10/17 TUESDAY …Single Hill rep push…A suggestion: meet 8:30 at Tenn Valley hiker parking lot. Run west to where trail splits off and back to lot and base of Montecito hill. Do an 8′ run up the hill and back down.

10/11/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM workout – on your own this week. The Warm-up Swings routine is set aside along with the Circuit workout cards. Should be a delightful session, but keep the chit-chat to a minimum: the clock keeps going with 33″ seconds “on”/ 27” recovery and shifting to next station.

10/12/17 THURSDAY ...TRACK sample for this week…some meet at Tam HS track about 8:30; check with Carrie. After 1.5M warm-up run a “breakdown workout”:

4 x 50 (50), 2 x 100 (100),  2 x 800 (200), 2 x 600 (200), 2 x 400 (2:30), 2 x 200 (200). …Stretch after.

10/14/17 SATURDAY 8:30 am CIRCUIT TRAINING & more at Warren’s.( 148 Madison Av) .NO HILL REPEATS due to air quality, but for those who can or want to come I’ll have Circuit Training and Loaded Carries at Warren’s. Take N. San Pedro exit, go East; then from signal light go for two blocks and take  that second left ( Washington Ave); go to end of block, take right (Madison Av) 3 or 4 houses down on right (a dead-end street) to #148 on right. You’ll see my van.

10/15/17 SUNDAY 9 am.  TCRS #9 Pacheco Valley 4.8M XC run is CANCELED due to air quality…Check with TamalpaRunners.org.



Week of 10/2/17: Workouts, different schedule this week, Upcoming events

Hi Folks,

updated 10/8..Training Tips below

I’ll be out of town immediately after the Wednesday morning workout until the following Wednesday ( 10/11/17). I suggest solid mileage this weekend because there are a number of upcoming events in October. ( see Looking Ahead).

There will be XC races which I encourage you try: not too long and there’s nothing like team running over XC dirt terrain – off the pavement. Then on 10/15 my favorite half marathon at the Humboldt Redwoods Half Marathon. But you also have another two fast course half marathons: San Jose Half and Clarksburg Half.

Training EMMA STONE: The women training on Wednesdays and Saturdays with us will appreciate the transformation actress Emma Stone went through to look like the tennis athlete, Billie Jean King, in the newly released movie the Battle of the Sexes. She began at 112 lbs and put on 18 pounds of muscle with a solid weight training program – and learned to love the training and protein shakes! She worked up to a 185 lb deadlift, and can do Farmer’s Walk with 70# dumbbells! In addition to regular weight training she did weighted sled pulling with twice her body weight (we do tire pulls to better mimic the running motion), and sled pushing to develop legs and leg power. She said she loves her new strength and power and plans on continuing on with the program…

10/3/17 TUESDAY ….This week get in Tempo pickups on a course near you that is not hilly. It looks like the MV-Sausalito bike path is undergoing repair; I look forward to running our Tempo workouts once the project is done.They are widening and repaving the path in sections; it will be wider

10/4/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV WORKOUT with Kees at Warren’s.

10/5/17 THURSDAYTRACK at a location near you. …Shorter intervals are scheduled this week. After the usual 1.5M warm-up, the 4 -6 x 40 meters and 2x 100 (100):

10 x 400 (on the 2:30/ or 3:00 if 400’s are over 2′); then an 800 to practice a strong finishing surge towards the end of a race: you’ll find that many runners manage to dig deep and put in a pickup.

Training Tip:  During this XC Season or if you’re building for your half marathon, or marathon and are in the thick of training then it’s helpful to maintain a much reduced strength training program.

Simply cut the volume by about two-thirds of your normal workout so that you come away feeling energized; not fatigued! This means carrying out 3 x 2 reps of deadlift for example and doing only two sessions per week. Aim to feeling stronger by the end of the brief session.

Why include the two brief sessions per week? You’ll find that you lose strength within two weeks; especially if you’re doing endurance training. I have found this to be more noticeable now that I’ve turned 70: strength and lean body mass ( LBM) is lost quickly as a master athlete. I’m trying to cycle 140-200 mpw: endurance training reduces muscle strength and balance.

A program laid out by Pavel Tsatsouline, the kettlebell expert and strength trainer; I have taken to doing one just one lift DAILY, the Kettlebell Clean & Press, 2 x 5 on the right and left sides with a weight easily handled. That’s it. The original 40 Day program he designed incorporates  4-5 different lifts on a daily basis, but our group does so much endurance training I have people modify with 1-2 lifts such as, The Turkish Get-Up & Kettlebell Swings; deadlift and military press, or only Clean & Press. A simple Goblet Squat 2×5 even twice per week will help keep the flutes firing and avoid “butt amnesia”. If the butt muscles aren’t firing then the the Periformis hip rotator is over-worked and the problems start showing up.. Kettleble Swings (for the entire posterior chain) can be just one set of 20-50; while presses, for example are 2 x 5. Must be completed easily and without any fatigue. Amazingly enough, participants maintain their strength, or even improve, with this low volume: but it adds up over a week’s time!  My goal for you is to maintain and/or your strength and be the better athlete for it without too much gym time.

So I’m in the middle of putting myself through the program too. More to come on balancing strength and endurance training.



10/8/17 ROCK’N ROLL SAN JOSE HALF MARATHON, 8 am. San Jose Convention Center. Fast times have been posted on this city-wide flat course.

10/15/17 9 am TCRS IGNACIO VALLEY 4.8M XC Run at 201 Alameda del Prado,Novato.

10/15/17 9 am HUMBOLDT REDWOODS HALF MARATHON, near Weott ( about 4.5 hours north of Marin). It’s a fast course ( I set my PR there) and will also be a Tamalpa team scoring event for the PAUSATF Half Marathon Championships. If you can make the trip, please do so and support our men and women teams.

11/5/17 9 am ( Daylight Savings gives you extra hour) THE JOHNNY LAWSON XC CHALLENGE 4.25 miles. Miwok Meadows, China Camp.  Three heats: Women 9 am, Masters Men 10 am, Open Men 11 am. It’s also a club/team scoring PAUSATF XC Championships. It’s very local, so I’d low to see all members of our group get in a XC race: still the best running terrain. The more Tamalpa members we have participating, the better the team scoring results! So join us.  And please don’t think you have to be a “hot shot runner”, half the battle is fielding enough club runners for each division!

I will be heading up the timing for the event. BTW we can always use volunteers (use Signmeupgenius). Can even help with reg, early morning deliveries, course setup, packet pickup – and still race.