Week of 11/20/17: Workouts, Bolinas Turkey Trot 2M, Results

Hi Folks,

Updated on 11/20/17. More results and Bolinas Turkey Trot T-shirt design. Bib number design is so Bolinas! Race doubled in size, ran out of 2017 and 2017 tshirts, but the runners had a good time!  Glad the race was Saturday and not Sunday!

Jane Baldwin stopped by while in town for the Quad and joined in on a Madison Av Gym Workout where we celebrated Pam’s birthday in reps and Michelle met the Emma “Stone Breakfast Challenge” by completing a minute Farmer Walk Walk with two 50# dumbbells. Next goal is to match Emma’s two 70# dumbbells for another prize.

Last weekend one of our Master runner heroes, HANS SCHMID,  and GERALD AGANZA decided to tackle a new challenge last weekend – the Spartan Challenge 5K held at ATT Park at 5pm. BUT, Hans, 75, had to up the challenge: he came to our Saturday morning Hill Repeats & Cross Training workout; then after a break went to ATT Park and participated in his first Spartan Challenge where he won the 75+ age group. He had to complete a penalty 30 Burpees  at three stations (90 total) because he couldn’t execute the task due to a bum shoulder. Then, “Sea Biscuit,”  Hans, ran in the PAUSATF XC Championships in Golden Gate Park on Sunday morning. Hans make Monday a rest day, please! Amazing energy and enthusiasm. I haven’t talked to Gerald yet, but will find out how his experience went at the event also.

Hans will also receive his Dipsea stair plaque courtesy of Elmo and Kees:?“ Hans Schmid “Sea Biscuit” – 2012… ( when he won Dipsea ) 

The organizers made use of the stadium steps, the hallways and some of the  field area to stage the event.

 Hans with his Spartan medal after winning his 75+  age group. Took him a bit over and hour to complete the 5k and exercise stations.

Gerald after completing his first Spartan Race. 

Last weekend the ever growing North Face Challenge was held over two days: they couldn’t have had better weather. The big change was that with the longer distance races they had to cross the GG Bridge and finish on the SF side; not in Marin. Looks like GGNRA is making it more difficult for events, but they are also understaffed and underfunded.

VERITY BREEN won her age group at North Face 50! I can tell you she did her homework for this event: a number of marathon runs, consistent training and supplemental work. Well deserved!

LOKING AHEAD: Bolinas Turkey Trot2M next Saturday at 9 am. Here is the T-shirt design:

11/21/17 TUESDAY ...get in solid mileage run with three Tempo pickups spread out during the run consisting of 4′, 7′, 4′ in time length.

11/22/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AVE GYM workout with Kees at Warren’s..We’ll be celebrating Pam’s birthday in reps and have Jane Baldwin join us (she’s down for the Quad)..

11/23/17 THURSDAY…..Happy Thanksgiving! I’m sure there are Turkey Trots at IVC and other locales.

11/25/17 SATURDAY, 9 am BOLINAS TURKEY TROT 2M Starts by Post Office and finishes along the main street in front of the Bolinas Museum. Does have a hill going out of town with this race course. It’s a low-key  race with good enthusiasm and goodies afterwards. I’ll be there to time it.

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