Week of 12/18/17: Workouts, Wednesday workout is on, no Saturday HR,

Hi Folks,

Updated 12/24/17: Last workout day for 24 Day Christmas Challenge! Good luck all – get it done! Send me photo proof! Enjoy a hot coffee or chocolate after.  Picture of Annelies and I coming; it’s an overcast morning with a light snow falling this morning. Very quiet out.

Updated 12/20/17. Track has two options this week.

We leave Tuesday early for Montana to spend Christmas with daughter and family; most of the workouts will continue! As does the Challenge! Hope you  are up for this last week of the Christmas Challenge- almost there!

So far, the plan is to run the RRGrade Run on New Year’s Day. It has been the tradition. We will be competing for space on top because there will be many hikers starting out early from Pantoll and downtown Mill Valley who will gather there and take part in the Open House in the Gravity Car Museum.  We’ll set the time later, but thinking 8 or 8:30 am? I’ll wait for feedback on this.

It’s one degree out and friend Ali and daughter Annelies ( the one with piece of bacon), are going for a quick cross country ski outing before hitting the weights later today. Beautiful and clear out, but that is cold!

Wednesday‘s Madison Av Gym workout is on and the workout cards for the Circuit are there. Those still continuing with the 24 Days until Christmas Challenge. ( For Monday the workout is 90 Swings – 18 Push-Ups – 14 controlled slow Goblet Squats)

Morning after big snowfall in Columbia Falls, Montana.. some 14 degrees.

This week’s Challenge details: ( read the last two weeks of Blog postings for tips and guidelines).

12/18/17: Monday:  85 Swings – 18 Push-ups – 14 Goblet Squats

12/19/17, Tuesday: 85 Swings – 19 Push-Ups – 14 Goblet Squats

12/20/17, Wednesday: 90 Swings – 20 Push-Ups – 15 Goblet Squats

12/21/17, Thursday: 90 Swings – 21 Push-Ups – 15 Goblet Squats

12/22/17, Friday: 95 Swings – 22 Push-Ups – 16 Goblet Squats

12/23/17, Saturday: 95 Swings – 23 – Push-Ups – 16 Goblet Squats

12/24/17, Sunday:  100 Swings – 24 Push-Ups – 17 Goblets Squats!..

That’s it! You completed the month’s goal. Now enjoy Christmas! We’ll switch to a modified program after this month’s session – tba.

12/19/17 TUESDAY …general mileage day with 6 hill repeats of over 1:30 time in length.

12/20/17 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM is on though I won’t be there. The workout routine is in the gym ready for you. (Include the Tuesday workout for the Christmas Challenge of 90 Swings – 20 Push-Ups – 15 Goblet Squats).

12/22/17 THURSDAY 8:30 am. TRACK at Tam HS – for those who can make that location, or do at a track in your area. The usual 1.5 mile warm-up, drills with skips, butt kicks; warm-up skips; and 4 x 20 meter pickups.  Then do 4 x 100 (100).

TWO Options:  21 x 200 (200) @ just a bit faster than 5K pace (there are 24 x 200’s in a 5K) to celebrate Christmas. The key here is  not to push the envelope, but think of it as a rhythm of pick-up/recovery over and over again. The workout helps develop the neural pattern for a quicker leg cadence; you have to control the pace in order to finish the workout.  Other option: Two Rounds of:

(2 x 200(200), 2 x 300 (100), 2 x 400 (2:30/3′)). Then 1 x 1000 (200) at 5K pace. …..Brad and John add 1.5M at 7′ pace. This pace keeps it very aerobic and adds distance to the track mileage day.

Follow-up with a cool-down run and stretching so that you’re ready for the next day’s run.

12/23/17 & 12/24/17…Getting in trail runs with friends to celebrate the Holiday Season is the menu for the weekend.





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