Week of 3/5/18: Workouts, Napa Marathon, Saturday Hill Repeats, Sunday TCRS at 9 am

Hi Folks,

updated on 3/7/18: evening. There won’t be enough people coming Tuesday morning, so I will not be there for Tempo.

Yesterday, Sandy, Judi and I went up to ride the Napa Marathon course in the reverse direction to cheer on Tamalpans Brad O’Brien, John Lundy and Verity Breen.  We appreciated that the cold and rainy weather on Friday and Saturday  passed through in time the Sunday marathon. The marathon started at 7 am in  Calistoga with 40 degree or colder temperatures; several miles into it became perfect for running a PR time.

A piece of history: Sister Marion Irvine ran the 1984  Napa Marathon as a workout before the First Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials in May 1984 to be held in Olympia, Washington. She could have cruised under three hours, but I made her wait at an aid station for several minutes. I was a bit worried she wouldn’t be well recovered for the Trials if she did go under three hours. We did, however, drop down to 6:30 pace over the last 5 mikes to get it out of her system! Leading up to Napa she had done her first 105 mile week and some in the 80+ mile week range. There were very Master runners, male or female who could handle over 80 mile weeks- amazing lady.

This is also the one day of the year that you can ride over the Silverado Trail without car traffic! This allowed us to relax and enjoy a ride on a crisp March day surrounded by the beauty of the Napa Valley.

“”Lead pack near mile 20 of Napa Marathon.

“”Silverado Trail and marathoners enjoying the car-free road. 

Brad O’Brien was running with a bad cold and cough but placed 2nd in 55-59 with a 3: 19: 56;  John Lundy was 2nd in 55-59 with a 3:24:53 and Verity Breen, who was running a tweaked calf placed 1st in 50-54 with a 3:23:55. Way to go Tamalpa!

3/6/18 TUESDAY …Official Tempo workout is cancelled. Some of the group cannot make it.

3/7/18 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM Workout with Kees at Warren’s. Kettlebell Swings, key warm-up exercises followed by a Circuit.

3/8/18 THURSDAYTrack workout – on your own. After the usual warm-up and drills, 6 x 20 meter cadence pickups, 2 x 100 (100); do two rounds of:

2 x ( (1000 (200) at 10K race pace, 600 (200) at 5K race pace, 400 (on 2:30 or 3’), 200 (200))

still early in the season, so running the 1000’s at 5-6 mile pace is fine; then it’s 5K pace for the 600’s, and under 5K GP for 400’s.

3/10/18 SATURDAY 7:45 Start for SATURDAY HILL REPEATS/Cross Training. Held at Seminary College, off Seminary Drive. Do your warm-up run starting at 7:15 am then run up the entry road to the College where I’ll have the exercise stations set up. ($5 drop-in fee which goes to acquiring more equipment for the workouts). The main workout consisting of four exercise stations and twenty hill repeats, followed by Loaded Carries and Tire Pulls.

LMK if you are joining in:

3/11/18 SUNDAY 9 am. TCRS GOLD HILL, 5.3M in San Rafael, near Dominican. Gather at 291 Magnolia Ave, San Rafael (bathrooms close to downtown). Run takes you above Dominican area. You’ll get hill practice


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