Week of 3/12/18: Workouts, no Saturday Hill Repeats,

Hi folks,

updated 3/14/18:

Late start on the blog this week due to meetings. I won’t be holding the Saturday Hill Repeats this week; I suggest you replace that workout with a test run on the Dipsea to top of Dynamite and back. If you have a more solid base run to either the entrance to the Rain Forest or top of Cardiac and back.
3/13/18 TUESDAY ….Get in rolling dirt terrain run. Basic mileage base.

3/14/18 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM at Warren’s with Kees.

3/15/18 THURSDAY. TRACK will be on your own; if weather is very rainy you may want to a regular road run of 6 miles. A Classic workout of 800’s, so beneficial for 5K’s  on up. Do the usual Warm-up 1-1.5M , 4-6 x 20 meter pickups, 2x 100 (100), 1 x 200 (200):

2 x 400 (3′), 4 x 800 (200)….run them at 5K GP.

Below: “She’s the exception to the rule”, I say. Kathy Johnson celebrates another win in her age group, 11th woman overall with a 3:37:46 at the Modesto Marathon after a minimal running program over the last seven months! ( I do suspect spin classes and other workouts contributed to her terrific run. Running a good portion of the marathon from the get go helped make this a successful run. There is always plenty of time “to move out” with a pick up in pace later in the race. Congrats Kathy!

This weekend run part of the Dipsea out/back to top of Dynamite, or entrance to Rain Forest and back. This will give you feedback  how your training is coming along. I advise not running too many times; save the majority of Dipsea practice runs to about six times. If you have sufficient mileage run a double Dipsea two times easy.

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