Week of 1/22/18: Workouts, Sat HR tba., Training,

Hi Folks,

updated 1/27/18

Busy Monday, so will update later…But let me know if you are joining in on Saturday Hill Repeats workout (coachkeest@yahoo.com) so I have headcount. Would like minimum of six participants; we usually exceed that number. Kathleen H, Alicia H, Lisa L, Peter, Alyce, Shirley, Judi, 

I plan to be at the  Thursday track workout; runners meet at Tam HS track at 8:15 or earlier to do their warm-up steady run.Then at 8:30 we begin with the stride-outs and short distance pick-ups. to build efficiency.

Remember to find a running partner for the COUPLES RELAY ( 2/11/18) with 2 x 2 miles; age groups are by combined ages of the two runners. Many divisions offered . (See Tamalparunners.org)

1/23/18 TUESDAY…steady mileage day over rolling terrain with 3 x 3-5′ tempo pickups spread out through the run.

1/24/18 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AVE GYM Workout with Kees at Warren’s.

12/25/18 THURSDAY 8:15 am ….TRACK.  Run 1.5M warm-up, drills on the track, 4 x 20 meters , 4 x 50 (50) and 4 x 100 (100).  Workout:

Two rounds of :  ( 1000 (200), 600 (200), 400 ( 2:00/2:30), 2 x 200 (200))

TRAINING TIP here: A number of you are preparing for a Spring marathon. The “normal” method is to build mileage; then introduce speed-work to sharpen you up for the marathon.

Traditional training has runners building their base and “sharpening up” with shorter distances at race tempo pace. Today a good number of runner international coaches strive to first build running efficiency and speed early in the development program. But, it may work better to develop a good pace and efficiency  with shorter workouts while steadily building mileage thereby working on better use of fuel as a substrate. Then it’s run an increasing number of MP miles to meet your goal time. The more miles you can run at marathon goal pace (MGP),the more you spare your glycogen stores. During shorter races the fuel supply is not so much the issue, but fitness is.

The idea is to reduce the amount of fuel you consume at race pace; otherwise you run out of glycogen stores and hit the wall. By reducing the amount of fuel you consume at race pace during the marathon by getting “fit” first helps avoid the running out of energy. When you’re efficient at your  marathon goal pace, you spare your glycogen stores (stored form of sugar) you avoid hitting the wall.

For now, some of the group joining in on theTam HS Track for our workout until COM track is completed. Weather cooperated beautifully. We’ll go for it again next Thursday.

1/27/18 SATURDAY 7:45 am start for SATURDAY HILL REPEATS/Cross Training. At Seminary College off Seminary Drive. Let me know if you will be attending to obtain head count.

so far: Kathleen H, Alicia H, Lisa L, Alyce and Peter E, Shirley D, 




Week of 1/15/18: Workouts, Couples Relay 2/11/18, Training

Hi Folks,

updated 1/19/18; Saturday Hill Repeats are on with no rain expected that morning. Let me know if you are attending.

Looks like we’ll have on/off rain this week, but with proper lightweight water resistant tops or windbreakers, and cap you should be fine. Take care of your running shoes after a wet run by taking out the insoles and replace  them with newspaper for an hour or so; then replace again with more newspaper for rest of day or overnight.

Looking ahead:  Tamalpa Runners will put on the COUPLES RELAY 2 x 2 Mile on 2/11/18 at 8 am in honor of Valentines Day theme. Will be held at Larkspur Landing’s Country Mart (see Tamalparunners.org). It’s one of the few relays around so join in on this local one. It’s low key and for all ability levels.

We’ll have the track practice for this week focus on 800’s to prepare for the two mile distance that each partner will run ( I hope to make it down to Tam HS track for the workout; will update) . Age divisions are determined by the combined ages of the relay partners and there are many divisions: Mother/Son, Father/Daughter, HighSchool and Middle School partners (can be from different schools), Couples and more. There’s always a generous amount of raffles and awards donated by vendors in the complex and other businesses.

1/16/18 TUESDAY …get in the steady run; when you find a  short hill get in 6-8 x 20″ hill repeats with good drive. Run each downhill easy, but then right back up for a quality repeat.

1/17/18 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am. MADISON AVE GYM workout, Swings, Circuit, Deadlift workout with Kees at Warren’s.

1/18/18 THURSDAY 8:15am TRACK at Tam HS. I think a number of the group run at that time; I will check and be there if a number of you will attend. After the 1.5M warm-up run, drills, 4-6 x 20 meter pick-ups, 4 x 50 (50),

2 x 100 (100), 2 x 200 (200), 1 x 400 ( recover and gather the group); then it’s 4 x 800 (on 5′ or 5:30 depending on your pace, or jog 200 and bring group together for each 800). Run the 800’s at your 2M GP for Couples Relay. Follow with cool down lap and stretching.

1/20/18 SATURDAY 7:45 am start for SATURDAY HILL REPEATS/Cross Training/ Loaded Carries/ Tire Pulls. Held at former Seminary College off Seminary Drive. Arrive about 7:15 am, park along Seminary Drive near entrance and do warm-up run. We’ll start at 7:45 at usual spot up the entry road to college. We’ll have four exercise stations spaced out with sets of five hill repeats; goal is to complete within half hour.

so far attending:  Lisa L, Chris, Michelle W, Shirley D, Kevin P,



Week of 1/8/18: Workouts, Sat Hill Repeats, Training Tips

Hi Folks,

updated 1/12/18: Three core areas where to address the negative effects of systemic inflammation.

January seems to be the month when we adopt new habits to improve health, fitness and happiness. On the last blog posting I did refer to the three pillars with nutrition, exercise and sleep (I know, there are more). Our readers are already onboard with a their endurance program; I’m encouraging for you to include a strength and mobility program to slow down the effects of aging, loss of muscle weight and reduce chances for injury. Just one night of incomplete sleep has a negative impact on every organ in the body – that’s been verified. Imagine what a few nights, weeks  of only  5-6.5 hours of sleep can do to your overall health and performance. I recommend you read the book Why We Sleep, by Mathew Walker, Ph.D. It’s an eye opener!

One small example relates to CV system damage and how  the lining of the arteries (endothelium) is affected by lack of sleep. It is during sleep that the endothelium undergoes repair; when you don’t receive around eight hours, that healing is compromised.

The reason we want to pay attention to proper nutrition, exercise and sleep is to address, what an increasing number of scientists believe is the root cause of so many health issues, and that is systemic inflammation. 

“Inflammation drives the aging process faster than any biomarker,” says Dr. Tasneem Bhatia. Inflammation is our body’s is our body’s natural response to physical and microbial attack.


Consider that by becoming a more balanced athlete you’ll be a better and more consistent runner, triathlete, cyclist, or cross country skier. It will pay off! If you’re a Master athlete it holds even more water. Now that I’m in my 70th year I’ve taking on more weight training to counter the gradual loss in strength and muscle endurance. ….more to come

Large turnout for Saturday Hill Repeats and Cross Training  yesterday to get on track with training in 2018! ( photo by Shirley Dahl)

TRACK workouts: A little strength component is added to the Track workout this week. Members of the group are getting together in pairs or more and carrying out their speed work at a track closest to their homes. Ed Corral heads up the Saturday Track workout at Novato HS at 8 AM, some are running at Redwood HS track at 6 AM. .  I don’t see the COM track being available until well into Spring so we have a wait for that location!

1/10/18 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM workout with Kees at Warren’s. Our 100 Swings routine and key exercises, followed by Circuit and key focus on Turkish Get-Up.

1/11/18 THURSDAY 6:30 am/ 8:30 am TRACK at TAM HS. “Buddy Incentive 400’s”...Some of the group are coming early while others coming at 8:30. Run the 1.5M warm-up, then it’s drills, 4-6 x 20 meters, 2 x 100 (100):

2 x 200 (200), 2 x 1000 (200) at 5K pace. Then pair up with a partner, (ability level is of no concern); then partner “A” runs the 400 while partner (B) holds a “down” position squat to at least just below parallel level while “A” runs the 400. Then “B” runs his/her 400 while “A” holds the squat position for the entire 400. Do 4 x 400. See how doing this “air squat” works out before thinking about adding resistance!

It’s during the Winter months you put an emphasis on strength work with your running and hill repeats. Then when more speed work takes place in the Spring you’ll be ready!

1/13/18 SATURDAY 7:45 am. SATURDAY HILL REPEATS/Cross Training at Seminary College off Seminary Drive. Let me know if you plan to join in so I have an head count ($5). Arrive about 7:15 am for the warm-up run and park along Seminary Drive near the entry road into the College. After the warm-up run, run up the entry road to first level where I will have the workout stations set up.

coming to workout: Lisa L, Carrie B, Lee M, Atchley M, Erin S, Leigh K., maybe Florencia, Alyce E., Peter E.,