Week of 4/2/18: Workouts, Saturday Hill Repeats/ Cross Training, TCRS on Sunday,

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updated on 4/6/18: Track workout ( get it in before the rain arrives early evening).  SATURDAY HILL REPEATS: Will go on because rain at 7 am is 40% chance and down to 30% by 8 am. But, let me know if you plan to join by texting or emailing me so that we have at least six participating. So far:  Judi S, Elizabeth K, Gayle S.,

4/7/18 Note, that there is the next “Tamalpa Club Running Series” (TCRS) race on 4/8/18, Sunday which will serve as a good  hilly practice course for Dipsea (See Tamalparunners.org web site). It’s off Freitas Pkwy, then right on Del Ganado.

Note that there is the Tamalpa Awards Breakfast after the TCRS race about a half mile down the road at the TL Community Center (was held there in 2017). A free breakfast and cheer on our age group winners.

We had a beautiful sunrise this morning for Kathleen Helmer’s group of ladies who ran their first RRGrade run.  Always a special run on our beloved Mt. Tam for a steady 7 miles of 5-7% grade after the initial one mile warm-up.


4/3/18 TUESDAY 8:30 am HILL REPEATS, Tenn Valley ( meet at “log cabin”). We’ll be mixing up different hills, do about a dozen repeats; two of which will be 2 x 4′ so we build on that for Dipsea and road racing. I’ll be there to lead the workout.

4/4/18: WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GyM workout with Kees at Warren’s. The warm-up key exercises for shoulders and back; 100 Swings in sets of 10 and 20 with exercises; followed by Circuit. You finish with 10 reps total  Barbell bDeadlifts or Hex Bar Deadlifts.

4/5/18 THURSDAY ..TRACK on your own at a local track. ” Ladder workout”. After your warm-up run, drills, 4 x 20 meter pick-ups, 2 x 100 (100).

2 x 200 (200), 2 x 400 (on 2:30), 1 x 600 (200), 1000 (200),  600 (200), 2 x 400 (2:30), 2 x 200 (200).

4/7/18 SATURDAY 7:45 am Start for SATURDAY HILL REPEATS/ Cross training at Seminary College off Seminary  Drive. Arrive prior to the workout to get in your warm-up about 7:15 am; then run up the College entry road to where we’ll start the workout.

so far joining in:  Judi S, Gayle S, Elizabeth K,

4/8/18 SUNDAY 9 am TCRS

Followed by TAMALPA AWARDS BREAKFAST at the Terra Linda Community Center.


Week of 3/26/18: Workouts, Saturday Hill Repeats, Easter Sunday

Hi Folks,

updated 3/30/18, 5:40 pm: For Sat HR – it is a go and so far: Lisa, L, Pam and Mickaila, Linda R, Judi S, Gerald, Shirley D, ElizabethK, Tom P, .anymore interested? Just LMK

updated 3/27/18: Thursday will also be TEMPO run for 8:30 am group starting from “log cabin” in Tenn Valley.

Gerald completes another Spartan Race; this time in San Jose area. Only had to complete two Burpee penalty stations for 2×30 reps total! These races are a constant challenge: there is always a different task/challenge to master.

Looks like we’ll have a solid week of clear weather, though we need way more rain. We’ll start off with workouts on the hill that goes underneath the GG Bridge – a special site for hill repeats.

Remember don’t go nuts on Dipsea course workouts and get stale on it. Rotate the sections that you practice running faster than you would during the race to build fitness. Fro example, top of Dynamite to entrance to the Rain Forest; another time Dynamite. Even after a attaining my top fitness in preparation for the Dipsea, it’s was always one long tough interval! Get to know foot placement every time you work the downhill. Another step you can take to significantly to run a faster is – lose weight. Yep, lugging extra pounds is a huge factor going up the steps and every grinding uphill.

3/27/18 TUESDAY 8:30 am HILL REPEATS by GG Bridge. Meet at Discovery Museum parking lot, Ft Baker ( Cavallo Point is nearby). We have a group showing up! Should be clear and with great views for the workout.

3/28/18 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM WORKOUT with Kees at Warren’s ( 148 Madison Av- two blocks from the Civic center across from Natl Guard Armory).

3/29/18 THURSDAY 8:30 am TEMPO run on MV bike path. Meet at “log cabin”, Tenn Valley road. Warm-up run to north end of MV bike path; then we do our variety of tempo intervals. (note, next week we will meet at “log cabin” again for hill repeats)

3/29/18 THURSDAY .TRACK at a track near you..“1200 Breakdown“:

1200 (400), 1000 (200), 800 (200), 600 (200), 400 (on 2:30/3:00), 2 x 200 (200). ….Starting at 10K race pace, each interval is to be run a bit faster than the previous one.

3/31/18 SATURDAY 7:45 am start . It is a go for HILL REPEATS/Cross Training. at Seminary College off Seminary Drive. Arrive about 7:15 am, park along Seminary Drive near the entry road into the College; then run the warm-up loop and run up the entry road to where the exercise stations are set up by 7:45-for the start of the workout. 4 exercise stations and 20 hill repeats total followed by Loaded Carries.

so far:  Lisa L, Pam, Michkaila, LindaR, JudiS, Gerald A, Shirley D, Elizabeth K, Tom, any more joining in before the Holiday weekend?  LMK if you will attend. Thanks.

RESULTS: He won NYC Marathon on his first try in 2017, won the World XC twice and the IAAF World Championships Half Marathon for the third time. This year it was held in Valencia, Spain on a windy day, and GEOFFREY KAMWOROR won it in 60:02. what was so notable that from 15K-20K he put in a 13:01 5K! Absolutely amazing. Some 93 broke 5-minute pace ( sub 65:35): it’s considered the most competitive road race in the world. The first American was Sam Chelanga who placed 14th in 61:23.

NETSANET GUIDA of Ethiopia won the women’s division in 66:11; thirteen women broke 1:10:00 and 93 broke 6 minute pace per mile! The first American was Emma Bates who placed 27th in 71:15.

3/19/18: Workouts, Saturday Hill Repeats, Dipsea Training Tips, upcoming races

Hi Folks,

updated 3/23/18: Track workout posted….2) Let me know if you are considering Saturday Hill Repeats – rain expected.  We can carry out the HR in the rain and use equipment not affected by the rain. This may be a good alternative to running on a very slick Dipsea course. A power workout on the docket. If I don’t have enough joining in; I will cancel.  Joining in: Lisa L, and others; so we will have the Hill Repeats.

Be ready for a wet week: have the correct clothing, do your workout efficiently, get it done; then get out of the wet clothes. This is when TREADMILL training comes into play. For example, I used to test my fitness  and  picture myself going up the Hogsback with a 10 minute uphill grade of 7% at 7 mph to measure progress. You can select a doable grade of 4,5, 6% grade to acclimate to constant uphill, improve your uphill grade fitness and bypass downhill pounding (you’ll have enough of that when running the course). After one 10′ bout, run an easy 3-5 minuets and put in another 5-10′ uphill effort. Once you work up to 20′ total you’ll be better prepared for the uphill grind of Dynamite, Hogsback, Rain Forest and Cardiac.

We’ll also see what events are coming up in near future that can help your Dipsea. I’d say for now, don’t go hog-wild training on Dipsea but continue with getting a solid half marathon distance for endurance over rolling to hilly terrain ( or more, depending on your base), strength training (kept to 1-2x per week with low volume) and hill repeats. Include four of them in a workout lasting four minutes at 5K effort level to improve running fitness (based on Norwegian study I wrote about in a past posting).

There’s time to work on the Dipsea course in later April-May. Yes, specific workout on this unique course is important. I’ve observed that for most runners, once you have about six practice runs on it; you’ll see your course  time plateau. That’s why I emphasize foundation building, becoming a stronger athlete during Jan-late March; then hit the course 1-2 times per week.

You’ll want to maintain quad, hamstring, calf flexibility along with mobility in your ankles and hips. Stay with the ball and foam roller work (black roller or the Rumble Roller). You can refer to Kelly Starrett’s mobility YouTube videos, his book “Ready to Run.”

3/20/18: TUESDAY …Get in those 6-8 miles to continue with mileage base for a strong effort during the Dipsea.

3/11/18 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am. MADISON AV GYM WORKOUT with Kees at Warren’s. We continue with key exercises alternated with sets of 20 KB Swings, followed by the Circuit. We conclude with a total of 10 reps of deadlifts.

3/12/18 ..TRACK workout at a track near you. The classic 400 repeats workout. Do the usual 1.5M warm-up steady run, drills, 6 x 20 meter pick-ups, 2 x 100 (100):

A gp:   12 x 400 (on the 2:00 or 2:30) usually for those running 6 ‘ pace or faster…rest interval should give you about 30-40″ rest. ….The pace should be just under 5K GP.

B gp:  10 x 400 (on 2:30 or 3:00)

C gp:  8 x 400 (on3’)

3/24/18. SATURDAY, 7:45 am start of the SATURDAY HILL REPEATS workout. Held at Seminary College of Seminary Drive. Come about 7:15 am, park along Seminary Drive near the entry road into the College and do your warm-up run. LMK if you are joining in for the workout. Looks to be clear. Joining in are: Lisa L, Richard M  – and others…so we’ll have the workout. LMK if you’re still


4/8/18 SUNDAY. 9 am.  TCRS#4, TERRA LINDA SLEEPY HOLLOW 4.6M. S/F Santa Maragarita Elementary School , 1055 Las Ovejas, San Rafael. ( take Freitas Pkwy, right on Del Ganado, right on Las Ovejas. There will also be the Tamalpa Awards Breakfast after the TCRS race, held at Terra Linda Community Center (no charge).

4/8/18 SUNDAY. 7:30 am CREDIT UNION SACTOWN MIRACLE MILE, 5K/10M. S/F at Capital Mall (S. side) & 8th St. Serves as 10M PAUSATF Championships. go to: runsra.org/sactown-run. Here is an opportunity to join other Tamalpans for team scoring and get in a 10M hard Tempo run.

4/29/18 SUNDAY…STOW LAKE STAMPEDE 5K. Here is a good opportunity to get in good racing practice: proper pacing of effort a 5K distance you can recover from quickly and a fitness test. It is also a race that counts for team scoring for all age divisions on the PSAUSATF circuit. I recommend all of you to run this 5K !