Week of 11/16/15: Workouts, new site for Tempo, Sunday RRGrade,

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updated 11/21/15: 9:25 pm…

This week: We’ll run a new Tempo site for the Tuesday group workout starting from Dave’s Market, Loch Lomond Marina area (see below) and hooking up with part of my China Camp Tempo course, but quicker access from Loch Lomond side..If you want to run the RRGrade on Sunday with an 8 am start; let me know so I have a head count for those who need ride back down.

> Keep in mind to try a change in race selection on 11/21/15 with the last PA/USATF XC race in Golden Gate Park (not far away): nothing like team enthusiasm and running on dirt terrain that typifies XC racing. And please, don’t think you have to be a “hot shot” runner: just try it and have fun with the messiness of XC running.

11/17/15 TUESDAY 8:30 am TEMPO. Meet at Loch Lomond marina area by Andy’s Market (688 Pt. San Pedro Rd; 2M from Montecito Center light). We’ll do warm-up mile plus onto Peacock Drive to the 5M of my  China Camp 10M Tempo course marker; from there we do a pick up of 1.5M to the 6.5M mark on Biscayne. Then it’s a 3/4 mile easy down past McNears Beach area to 4M marker( across from Brickyard entrance road); then Tempo pickup from 4M – 5M mark in middle of Main Drive ; then recovery half mile to stoplight at Loch Lomond; go right on Lochinvard Rd and do pickup to left turn on Manderly  and stop where it “T’s”  at Pt. San Pedro; do recovery run back to Dave’s Market. Should be another option for a tempo workout…..Worked out well and has three good pickups of 1.5 to 1M sections.

11/18/15 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AVE GYM workout with Kees at Warren’s.

11/19/15 THURSDAY 7:30 & 8:30 am Starts for TRACK at COM (warm up is earlier). To gear up for the intense XC race final in GG Park on 11/21 we’ll run the varied rest interval times with 400’s.

A/B gp:  2 x 200 (200), 400 (1′ rest exactly), 400 (45″), 400 (30″), 400 (15″), 400 (30″), 400 (45″), 400 (1′), 400-done.

C gp:  400 (1:30), 400 (1′), 400 (45″), 400 (45″), 400 (1′), 400 -done

11/21/15 SATURDAY 8 am ED’s TRACK WORKOUT at Novato HS.

11/22/15: SUNDAY 7:45 am start time. RRGRADE RUN 8M. Meet by City Hall / Fiirehouse on Corte Madera Av, one block from downtown. I will have my van at top for those who need ride back down ($5); let me know by Sat afternoon if you need a ride: I need the head count to see if we need two vehicles. …This uphill tempo on a 5-7% grade after the initial warm-up, gives you a steady grade you can work at threshold level. Builds solid aerobic fitness and legs that helps your half or full marathon time.

SO FAR GOING on the run:  Kevin P, Lisa L, Gayle S (use your vehicle to help take people down?) Gerald, Micah, Carrie, Jeanie, Kathy B., maybe Michelle W.; (Marlene and Florencia witll not need ride down.),


It teaches the pacing that you need for 1:05-1:30 in time. You can earn a FREE BREAKFAST at the MV Coffee Shop at Locust/Miller ave-the old Tamalpa post-run hangout during 1960’s and 19070’s. For Open Men break 60:00, OW <65:00; MM <66:00; MW < 70:00….Your reward is great satisfaction from climbing to top of Mt. Tam and taking in the great view.  I also conduct a short kettle bell workout in the parking lot on top for the “injured reserve”….

Week of 11/9/15: Workouts, Sat Hill Repeats,

Hi Folks

updated in am of 11/10/15...I’ll have the Hill Repeats again on Saturday, then the following week RRGrade.

Results for some of the group:  Golden Gate Half Marathon:  Verity Breen, 8th woman/2nd in 40+ with a 1:31:07; Kevin Porter, 1909th/19th div., 2:07:09;  3964th Judi Shaffer, 2:34:33, 115th 50+; 4296th Shirley Dahl,  2:50:08 did it together with Kathleen Fraser, 4297th 2:50:11. I’m sure there were more from the club who ran; to be updated.

> TRAINING TIP:  As one approaches their half or full marathon race , e.g., CIM, with 3-6 weeks to go you exchange a portion of your distance mileage for Tempo training. ( I covered TEMPO in a previous Tamalpa Gazette article). This threshold training fine tunes your body to holding uninterrupted race pace effort for those 4-10 mile sessions. Tempo mileage is more demanding so your total weekly mileage will be a bit reduced because you’ll need more recovery, but you’ll be more fit and acclimated to race pace.

11/10/15 TUESDAY  8:45 am HILL REPEATS, meet at log cabin of Tenn Valley Rd.( I moved it back from Tenn valley hiking parking lot: likely would have been a bit muddy)…Next week we do Tempo again.

11/11/15 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM workout at Warren’s…main emphasis is on Swings, Get Ups and Goblet Squats along with Presses, Deadlifts, key ball slams and “loaded carries” for one hell of core emphasis.

11/12/15 THURSDAY  7:30 & 8:30 am starts TRACK at COM track…get in a quick warm-up and then it’s a start at those times. If you’re running late, warm up on the track and get in the drills and 20 meter pickups: more effective. Ladder workout with longer intervals in the middle: watch your pa/cing..

A/B gps: 200 (200), 400 (2′ / 2 1/2′), 600 (200), 800 (4:30/5:00), 1000 (200), 800 (4:30/5:00), 600 (2002′), 400 (2′ /2 1/2′), 200 (200)

C gp: 4 x 50 (50), 2 x 100 (100), 2 x 150 (50), 200 (200), 300 (100), 400 (3′), 300 (100), 200 (200), 2 x 150 (50), 2 x 100 (100)

11/14/15 SATURDAY  8 am ED’s TRACK WORKOUT at Novato HS.

11/14/15 SATURDAY 7:30 am KEES’s HILL REPEATS/CROSS TRAINING at Golden Gate Theological College off Seminary Drive.  Come in before 7:30, get in a warm-up run along Seminary Drive and the Bay; then up to entry road to where I have stations set up for the 7:30 start.You’ll do a total of 20 hill repeats interspersed with exercises after each 5 repeats.

DB/KB Thrusters x 10: Short  – Sprint  –  Long  —  Short

DB Manmakers x 8:  Sprint  –  Half “A”  –   2 x Short  –  Sprint

Russian Twists x 16 reps:  2 x Short  –  Half “A”   –  2 x Short

Med Ball Jacks x 15:   2 x Sprint  –  Half “A”  –  2 x Short